AK Party Kayseri Deputies inspected İncesu Organized Industrial Zone

Ak Party Kayseri Deputies Ahmet Öksüzkaya and İsmail Tamer examined the loading and unloading station planned to be built in İncesu Organized Industrial Zone (OSB).
Öksüzkaya and Tamer received information about the region from Halit Özkaya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İncesu Organized Industrial Zone, Zekeriya Highway and Regional Manager, Cemal Oğuzhan, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Deputies reminded that İncesu Organized Industrial Zone has a border on the Kayseri-Adana highway and railway line, and said that this constitutes an advantage.
Deputies, the station will be installed in the region through the transportation of products produced by rail transport costs will be reduced.

Source : I www.haberler.co



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