About Keyhan Certified Translation Bureau

Keyhan Çevirmenlik Publishing Ltd. We have been operating as an international translator agency since 1997. In addition to our permanent team of translators with our network of freelance translator in Turkey and worldwide expanding day by day we are able to serve our customers in all languages. In addition to being a global service provider for our customers, with our proven language skills and excellent technical efficiency, we have become a global service provider in all matters dealing with translation and language. the importance we attach to infrastructure works is to increase efficiency continuously and to use technology with maximum benefit in this context.
With our understanding of care, we see our customers as the primary goal of offering the best quality, fastest and most reliable solutions at the most reasonable prices.
From proposal stage to perfect translation
In order to summarize the phases of translation in Keyhan Translator: In the translation proposal phase, the points which are important for the customer are listed together with the original text. A definite offer is given to the customer, taking into account criteria such as the content characteristics of the translation, the customer's wishes and the size of the text. In the first place, a project manager will be assigned and informed to our client. Our customers are constantly informed about the progress of the work and always make the utmost effort to meet their requirements flexibly.
Quality Through Specialization
As Keyhan Tercuman, we meet the translation requirements of our customers operating in different fields with our expert translators. In addition, we provide translations, where necessary, by a second translator with special qualifications required by the text and provide our customers with grammatically excellent, reliable and high quality translations.
Managing Your Translation
We use the most advanced hardware and software as Keyhan Translator for fast and reliable translation of your translation order. You can send and receive your text via e-mail, fax, mail, cd, or all data storage media.
Customer happiness
As Keyhan Translator we are committed to responding to the needs of our customers at the highest level, we consider working with our customers as a part of our business in determining the criteria to be followed in translation, establishing the appearance and format of translation, and identifying all factors that play a role in the translation as a product. A translation is a good translation if it is not understood that the translation is in terms of language, expression, style and meaning. With this understanding, everyone who needs to cooperate in translation is the Keyhan Translator and Publishing Company. Sti. We invite you to work with.

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