Our Thick: 'I couldn't see the high speed train'

Our Thick: 'I couldn't see the high-speed train'
CHP Chairman of Aydın Province Barkan Kalınomuz Ak Party Aydin Province President M. Sadik Atay's last ticket sent to him as he could not see a quicker said that the nil.
Kalünomuz CHP Aydın Provincial Presidency Building, the meeting sent to him at his assessment meeting tickets and the AK Party Central District Advisory Board meeting responded to criticism of the party.
Our Kalınomuz sent a bus ticket, a train ticket and a unpaid flight ticket in exchange for a black curtain sent to the President of the AKP. Tren We paid attention to these three tickets in our own terms. There is no speed train mentioned by the President of the Province. I took the train from Izmir Basmanesi. I arrived in the 2 hour 17 minutes to the garage. I asked the clerk. They said the 6 minutes would be delayed. As the Provincial President stated, we could not see a train. If we enter the 55 hour in 2 time in 17 minutes by car, this train is not a train but a black train. Ğ
We went to Denizli and Istanbul
Our Kalinomuz also went to Istanbul and Denizli with their own means and continued his speech as follows. B We received the reservation paper for Istanbul and went to Istanbul. I saw a magnificent project of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. I saw a disgrace that people were forced to cross the street in disgrace. I also saw the subway cost of 140 million TL. I went to Ankara. I saw a Melih Gokcek case. I saw a municipality striving to make its mileage to a hundred million liras and not taking it and transferring this subway to the Ministry of Transportation.
We went to Denizli. We saw the sunken sank in the rain. We have seen the submerged outputs of Denizli Municipality without infrastructure in the project examples given by the Provincial Chairman of the Provincial Council. I saw how much water the cars were under. I saw that the municipality's vehicles were inadequate. Bel
The AK Party Central District Advisory Board meeting held on Sunday, responding to criticism of the CHP, short remarks from our speeches as follows.

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