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In the project transportation sector; Turkish, German, Dutch, Swedish, French and US companies feel the weight of the President of the board of directors UTİKAD Turgut Erkeskin said, "However, Turkish companies have become an ambitious fact in this sector," he said
Industrialization continued development of a parallel transport projects, together with the increase in the power industry in Turkey's industrial areas with each passing year increases the potential for more investments. Project transport plays an important role, especially in investments in areas such as energy, mining, cement, paper and refinery. International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD) Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, stating that the project transportation in Turkey in the global competitive situation, "largely in the transport sector project; German, Dutch, Swedish, French and US companies are feeling the weight. However, it is an undeniable fact that Turkish companies have become assertive in this sector. Ancak Erkeskin said that in the countries where the industry has developed, naturally the sector is big., Production of steel, transformer and machine tools in the export feet has been increasing rapidly in recent years and many of these are being carried out as project installations. Especially when the growth of industry and energy sector and expansion coupled with Turkey's dynamic economy, project transportation capacity of the Turkish logistics industry will gradually increase. Thanks to the geographical position of Turkey in the future, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, we have a say in the project installation "made the assessment.
Turgut Erkeskin noted that there are about 20 companies that are members of UTIKAD, and that these companies, which were established with a large share of domestic capital, have created an annual volume of more than 100 million dollars. "We believe that the bill abroad, half of the figure mentioned, although no concrete figures," said Erkeskin, project transportation in Turkey, firms no longer compete worldwide and said multinational project transportation organizers to easily they can rival. Erkeskin, with members of Turkey in the direct interest of many non-project telling the serve, "When the sector in foreign-owned firms are evaluated, the number of 10 approaching companies can say that a good project cargo division in Turkey," he said.
Öngörül It is foreseen that there will be an increase in investments “
The economy, trade development and the increase in state support in the 2013 investments in the years that they predicted that there will be an activity indicating that Erkeskin, the change in the world conjuncture, the shaking of financial markets should not be ignored threats such as drew attention. Pointing to the fact that investments require a healthy and easy credit environment, Turgut Erkeskin said, eden There are some problems in project finance. This will be one of the biggest obstacles to future investments. On the other hand, recent evaluations show that; our economy is much more alive than many other countries in the world. Moving from this point, we can say that mobility will continue especially in import-weighted project transportation ithalat.
Emphasizing that companies have to keep up with the developments in the world in order to make their activities and assets sustainable, Erkeskin emphasized the importance of investments made by taking into account the conditions of global competition. kazanexpressed that he did. Erkeskin suggested that companies operating in the sector, most of which are members of UTIKAD, should invest in future-oriented qualified personnel and IT infrastructure in this direction.
Tam Capacity cannot be fully utilized in project transportation “
Touching on Turkey, especially that a major problem in terms of lack experienced in the infrastructure sector Erkeskin Turgut, he said: "The growth potential is very high, which projects the transport sector, does not fully utilize its capacity. In road transport by road, lack of infrastructure and highways, overpasses on these highways, pedestrian crossings, signage and tolls create big problems. Since there are very low pedestrian overpasses built on highways, in some cases these overpasses have to be removed. In order to remove obstacles on the route, it is necessary to work separately with several different organizations. In this case; bureaucratic obstacles are formed and transportation costs are increasing as well as increasing costs. büro
Stating that the shortcomings in the infrastructure will be solved in a short period of time, the load volume of project transportation will increase, Turgut Erkeskin stated that the sea transportation has increased with the privatization of the ports. Erkeskin, however, mentioned that there are serious price increases in services received at some ports especially for project loads. Müş Our members have difficulty in explaining these increases to their customers abroad. In addition, although the shortage of qualified staff experienced in the sector has been partially eliminated, the manpower needed is still needed; because the sector continues to grow, çünkü he said.

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