World's largest chocolate train waiting to enter the Guiness Book of Records

Famous for its CHOCOLATES, Belgium used an interesting method to draw attention to the Chocolate Week, which will continue until Sunday. Brussels Tourism Agency, which exhibits a 34,5-meter-long chocolate train at the train station in the south of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, also hopes to enter the Guiness Book of Records with the world's longest chocolate train to date.
The total weight of the chocolate train, which consists of two wagons, is 1285 kilograms. One of the wagons was built like the newest model of the Belgian Railways, and the other was made by analogy with the wagons used in the 19th century.
In order to make the giant chocolate train, many people worked out the total 750 hours, and 3 completed the world's sweetest train on the moon.

Source : In www.hurriyet.


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