Governor visited the Kolat Kirikkale Railway Station

Station observations in Kırıkkale Governor Ali Kolat, said that Turkey's territorial air and rail transport in the era jump.
Kırıkkale Governor Ali Kolat, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) investigations found by visiting the Kırıkkale Station. Kolat, who received information from Mehmet Görücü, the station manager, sohbet did. Rail transport is the serious work of representing the Governor Kolat, "the road towards both the air transport requirements in terms of Turkey took very great distances, we can say the breakthrough. High-speed train has been activated in railways, and the works continue rapidly. In the railways, road renewals were made in a serious sense, the speed increased when the roads were renewed, the delay was eliminated and the train was not waiting. TCDD had neglected the studies for a while, but it is a transportation route whose importance is known. It was of great importance in the past, nowadays, innovations have been made with the development of technology. In our age, high-speed trains started to come into play. There are very good works, I thank those who contributed "

Source: Mynet News



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