Samsun: New Buses Live

black box period starts on samulas buses
black box period starts on samulas buses

SAMULAŞ, which is connected to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, has opened its express and ring lines with new buses.

Bus lines connecting the Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU) via the Atatürk Boulevard to the city center, as well as the free bus transfer from the different points of Atakum to the city center as well as the public buses, will transport Samsun to a high point in the transportation services.

SAMULAŞ's express buses departing from OMÜ Kurupelit Campus will stop at a few points along Atatürk Boulevard, and arrive at the last stop in front of the City Museum. Express buses returning from the Station Junction and going back to the university on the same route will carry passengers with full tickets for 1,5 TL and students for 1,25 TL.

When the citizens accustomed to the express lines, the intense densities in the rail system will decrease and the officials of SAMULAŞ stated that the express bus system was applied for the first time in Samsun transportation.

SAMULAŞ officials stated that the yap rabbit larda logo was preferred to refer to the express lines and to make rapid service and skip the intermediate stops. express buses will be at the rail system standards in terms of both operational quality and the modernity of buses.

On the other hand, regular ring services have started to the rail system from different regions of Atakum. Ring services, which are made with zero kilometers of modern buses, are carried out in lines with code, R Yine.

Running along the Nişantaşı Street from Yeşilyurt AVM to Yayla Konak houses, R5 will enable Samsun residents to reach the beaches of Atakum by using the rail system.

The R6 line extending from Cağaloğlu Boulevard to Balaç and Beypınar from the station of Atakum, the R7 line connecting Kamalı to the Ömdaryler station, the R8 line connecting Çamlıyazı and Alanlı to Atakent and the R9 line connecting the Demirkent Site to Yenimahalle Station. Atakumlular'ın rail system will allow you to use more comfortable and fast.

Residents of large housing estate such as Pelitköy and Eras and residents of Oyumca District will be able to reach the rail system and university more easily thanks to R10 ring in the new arrangement.

Passengers departing the rail system will be able to use all the rings from R5 to R10 for up to one hour free of charge. Passengers who do not use the rail system will benefit from the ring 1 TL.

In the meantime, the western neighborhoods of Atakum, including Taflan, Çatalçam, İncesu and Sinop off-road neighborhoods, will be able to reach the rail system with the SAMULAŞ buses with the code of R12. There will be a difference in the price tariff due to the distance of this line. However, students who get off this bus will be able to transfer to the rail system free of charge.

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