Campus Rayküs wanted between Balıkesir

Some officials from the BAU, who did not want their name to be announced, were put on the railroad between Balıkesir city center and the campus and they said that the railroad would be placed so that the transportation would be very good.
It is emphasized that the population of Balıkesir University rises every year and therefore the transportation issue has become a big rent and therefore it should be put into practice without delay by making Raybüs project for the convenience of students.
The authorities, who suggested that such a project be carried out through the Democrat, said, “The Municipality should do such a Railbus Project as soon as possible. Because transportation will be a problem when BAU Campus Medical Faculty, which is a city with a population of 20 thousand today, is completely finished and started to provide health services at full capacity. They suggested that instead of transporting 15-20 people to 25-person minibuses by stacking, it is necessary to create Trenvay or Railbus projects.
1 Authorities in the University of Balıkesir on the campus at the time of the opening of the dormitories of the population at the time of the population will exceed 25 thousand officials said deki The main transportation shortage will start at that time. Because three faculties and one high school buildings have been completed, they will be opened to education and training next year. The population of the campus will suddenly emerge at 25-30 and the transportation problem will be fully revealed. For this reason, there should already be studies for the railroad or railroad system between the university and the city şimd.

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