Will Malatya Wagon repair factory tent city?

Will Malatya Wagon repair factory tent city?
It was claimed that the old Malatya Wagon repair factory, which had been waiting for a long time and was constantly discussing what purpose, would be transformed into a tent city in line with the order coming from the Ministry.
Some efforts were made from time to time to save the wagon repair factory, which was completed in 1989, but has not been producing since then, and finally it was decided to turn it into a prison. However, the claim that the Malatya wagon repair factory, which has been idle for 23 years, will not be turned into a prison and that this place will be turned into a tent city for 10 thousand Syrian refugees to be brought from Syria has confused them.
Some officials working in the Provincial Disaster Directorate stated that the Ministry received an order for the construction of a tent city in the area where the former Malatya wagon repair factory was located and that the work started in this direction. Authorities also put forward this claim by making an assessment on this issue, the tent city said that the establishment of this area will not be a healthy step.
Authorities say that the climatic conditions of Malatya are not suitable for the establishment of such a tent city and pointed out that if the tent city was established, there would be great problems.
Authorities, on the other hand, said that their troubles were not limited to this, and that Malatya Municipality did not provide any assistance to them during the periods when the refugees arrived. At the time when the refugees arrived, almost all the authorities who claimed that all the problems were resolved by the Provincial Disaster Management, are the most important point at the moment. When the 10 arrives, there will be no support from the municipality gel

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