It was very shameful President | YHT

It was very shameful President | YHT
Seats, chairs are not on any of them. One day it's all over, it goes.
One day, Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu's Mayor and his political life will end. If I see those days, I would also owe it to my neck to write a letter of praise about Mr. President.
I am of those who believe that Karaosmanoğlu has not been able to properly assess the powers and facilities he has in his hands for this city. But despite this, I would not argue the "environmentalist" identity until yesterday. Karaosmanoğlu, in my city, will always be an important environmentalist who y clean the gulf of Izmit, erect trees in every place Kara.
However, he was very disappointed with the speech he made at the CHU General Assembly the other day.
For the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which will run between Istanbul and Ankara, a new railway line is being constructed on the 62 kilometer route between Gebze and Köseköy. In fact, the president should stand on behalf of the people of the city, and when the ready-made railroad was replaced, the new line had to pass from the north to the mountains instead of the Izmit coast. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu had this power, he did not use it.
Now for the supply of the gravel required for this YHT path to the quarry to be established in Maşukiye approved, said the decision to sign.
The president says, milli This project is a national project. The stone needed to reduce the cost should be obtained from the nearest place. For this I will give approval to build a quarry in Maşukiye. "
Don't, Mr. President, your reason doesn't make sense. The stone needed for the construction in question was the most economical and convenient place for the stone. It was closer to the construction route.
But Sakarya administrators, the AKP in this city, more importantly, the people of the village of Yanik, stood, stood, resisted. They did not allow the destruction of lush forest areas in their area and the establishment of a quarry.
In this case, the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim, "Sapanca Burn is not, Kartepe would be Mashukiya," he said. A phone call to our Governor, a phone to our President.
Ours sails immediately landed in the water. The Governor, "This project is a betrayal of the region," he did not sign the report, the Agricultural Director was dismissed. Now, Mr. President, "I approve," he says.
Mr. President's tourism understanding is limited to giving a rough, ugly, multi-storey hotel license to investors who are looking for rent in the forest areas, at the seaside points? .. The most beautiful, most important, tourism-rich region of this city is undoubtedly Maşukiye. Now a stone quarry will be established in Maşukiye. Moreover, Mr. President, who is in a position to prevent this very easily, gives approval.
It was a costly national issue. We have already sacrificed this city for this country. The cost of the YHT road project is around 200 million Euros. If the required stones, crushed stone for this road are taken from the existing quarries in our province and its surroundings, 3-5 is taken from mileage, the total additional cost does not reach 100 thousand Euros.
Is it worth to destroy Mashukiye?
Moreover, the quarry in Maşukiye will not only complete the tourism potential of the region. That area is not only our city, Turkey's most important fruit production center. Trout training center. The waters will be polluted, the orchards will be destroyed.
Is it worth it, Mr. President?
He should ask the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim. What did the ministry do to this city? We're still begging for the crossroads at a Kandıra turn.
Now, upon the order and desire of the Minister, we are attracting our Mashukiya for YHT.
Is it worth, Mr. President, is it?
Does it suit you?
Mayor Karaosmanoğlu stated in the General Assembly of the ISU that he would approve a stone quarry in Maşukiye the day before, he said:
“-I'm an environmentalist to the handle. I'm not one of the environmentalists who grow up in freshwater. Tatlı
Since we oppose the construction of this quarry in Maşukiye, especially Sibel Gönül, Kocaeli Deputy, and many people like me, we are, in the words of Mr.President, "seaweed that grows in fresh water". Yesterday morning I scrambled the dictionaries "YOSMA" sözcüI looked at the word meanings. I, te, "moss" sözcüProvisions for the second:
x- kadın -Nice, beautiful, fettan young woman x
x- oş Beautiful, remarkable, smelly woman x
x- ım A type of bitch waiting on the sidewalk (sidewalk). x
The lightest definitions of the word "Yosma" are as follows:
x- “Beautiful woman in Ottoman x
x- “Beautiful woman adjective. In fact, it means a sexy woman. Aslında
In recent months, the Mayor of Derince, Mr. Alemdar, at a municipal council meeting, and moreover, when you say the word "Do not enter into the hands with the hand stick", President Karaosmanoglu, Alemdar "for without" said.
Now that we have great respect, the character and the proper humanity, our President Karaosmanoğlu says that he approved the quarry in a paradise region like Maşukiye, and he does not think like himself about it and describes those who oppose it as karakter Waiting client on the sidewalk um.
It didn't happen.
Let me put this adjective ecek Yosma ül on me, although I do not stop, I'm very curious to say what I will say Mr Sibel Gonul.

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