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Our readers who stated that there were some deficiencies in Halkapınar Station in the "Grand Plan" project realized by İZBAN, made a few suggestions ...
In the corner of 2 November, we have presented the proposal of our readers who want to be equipped with elevators and escalators to İZBAN Halkapınar Station with the title of ı Why didn't you install an elevator? X. İZBAN officials sent a broad statement for our readers. By summarizing this statement, gün İZBAN officials gave good news to our complainant readers: The transfer will be made with elevator and escalator ur 6 announced on November. After this statement, we received phone calls from dozens of readers. All of our callers wanted to close the top of the station. Çiğlili Sencer Tümer of these readers, both this request and the following suggestions to the authorities asked us to forward. I am transferring:
Sheets are overlooked
Adı Why isn't the staircase and the top pedestrian crossing planned to be closed? Because, Halkapinar Station is a transit station where tens of thousands of people come in every day, wind is most intersected in the winter and in the summer months it is completely under the sun. Is it very difficult to close the transfer paths here? Even the entire station must be covered. There are many materials that are practical and cheap for that. Direction plates at this station are not suitable. Directional signs on the iron stairs in the southern region are quite small and low, making people run out of their eyes during busy hours. He escapes attention during crowded hours. Everyone is asking each other. In addition, the closure of the public toilets in metro stations is also a great shame of Izmir.

Source : www.milliyet

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