Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge Construction

Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge Construction
Contractor: Astaldi.SPA-Gülermak Heavy Industry Construction and Contracting Co.
Length: 936 Meter.
Number of Stations: 1
Station: Unkapanı
Route: Azapkapı Viaduct + Steel Bridge + Mobile Bridge + Unkapanı Viaduct
Tender price: 146.722.828,25 € + VAT
Tender Date: 06.10.2008
Contract Date: 19.12.2008
Starting Date: 02.01.2009
Duration of Work by Contract: 600 days
2012 As of April
Work Amount: 93.686.336,64 € + VAT
Date of Completion: 07.07.2011
2. Time Extension
Date of Completion: 28.06.2012

The projects related to the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge were approved by the Conservation Board on 06 July 2005. Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge; has been awarded according to the approved project. 6 October 2008 tender has been realized and 146.722.828,25 € + VAT business Astaldi SPA-Gülermak Ağır San. Const. and Taah. Inc. has been awarded to the business partnership. The contract was signed on 19.12.2008 and the works were started on 2 January 2009. Total length of work within 936 m. Azapkapı Viaduct + Steel Bridge + Mobile Bridge + Unkapanı Viaduct will be produced.
16 pieces (9 on the Beyoğlu side, 7 on the Unkapanı side) and 4 pieces in the Golden Horn on the land were carried out.
When the construction of Haliç Metro Pass Bridge, which is one of the most important stages of Istanbul Metro, is completed, passengers boarding from Hacıosman will reach the Yenikapı transfer station without interruption. Here with the Marmaray link, Kadıköy-Kartal, Bakırköy-Atatürk Airport or Bağcılar-Olimpiyatköyü- will be able to reach Başakşehir in a short time.
After the completion of 51 track piles, which were manufactured in Portugal and brought to Haliç in three times, were started to crash.
As of the end of March, the production of the 32 pieces of Ø2500 mm bearing pile with 32 of reinforced concrete sections was completed. 16 units Ø1800 mm diameter protection + platform piles, including all of the reinforced concrete parts have been completed. The drilling, drilling and concrete casting operations of the 2 additional platform pile were completed.
Pile head and steel foot production of P3-1, P3-3, P3-4 and P4-1 legs of the Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge were brought to the construction site and preparations were made for the installation.
P3-3, P3-4, P3-1 and P4-1 feet at the base of the pile head placement -3.0 to complete the opening of the opening was completed. P4-1 feet, pegs and foot joint welds have been completed. P3-4 and P3-1 legs, pile head and foot manufacturing operations are placed in place instead. The P3-3 stands for 04.04.2012 pile-up measurements.
The whole of the 2500 bored pile with Ø18 mm diameter was completed in the Beyoğlu area of ​​the approach viaducts. We also completed the basic manufacture of 1 pcs well foundation, 4 pieces foundation (pile head) and 2 pieces basic manufacture. Foot production is completed at the foot of A5-7. P5-6 foot production is completed. P4-2 foot elevation reinforcement is in progress.
16 pieces of wells have been completed in Xanthx viaduct area with 11 pieces from 1 pile manufacturing. Bored piling construction operations and 1 pcs. P1-2 wells were completed. The foundation excavation on P1-5 foot (including pile head refinement) continues.


  • First Shipment 13 track (1200 tone)
  • Second Shipment 11 parts (2035 tone)
  • Third Shipment 11 track (1996 tone)
  • Fourth Shipment 16 track (2500 tone)
  • The seismicity of the Golden Horn, the faulting condition, the ground conditions, these pile designed as a result of the analyzes made by considering the Haliç floor mud layer, each of these piles are projected according to the final load value of 4.700 tons.
  • In these groups, there are 5-5-9-9-4 carrier pegs from Unkapanı to Beyoğlu, respectively, including a pile group under each foot of the Haliç Metro Transition Bridge.
  • The steel pipes were lowered to the sea by a crane with a lifting capacity of 800.
  • Moving by two different cranes, the movements are fixed.
  • 2 pieces of excavation barges, 1 pieces pump pontoons were installed.

  • Safety boats and trailers of various strengths serve.

The Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge is the average 200 m of the current Unkapanı Bridge. to the south. Ask Cable-stayed ask bridge system is applied to the advanced technological bridges in the world. In this system; two pylons (main carrier foot). Bridge decks will be carried by hanging them on cables. In the water part of the bridge (including pylons) there will be a total of 4 feet.
Length of the bridge: 936 m. (460 m. length on sea) The middle rail system will be constructed as an open bridge to both sides. There are 1 units (Golden Horn) on the bridge and 8 m. will be built in length.
So far, the improvement of the ground and the construction of the basic system has been carried out. After the realization of some project revisions requested by UNESCO World Heritage Center about the superstructure, the productions will continue. With the completion of the bridge in 1 years and installation of rail and electromechanical systems, it is planned to reduce the Metron to the Golden Horn at the end of 2012.

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