Guide to using Metrobus

In our lives Metrobusprovides us with important advantages in transportation. We cannot deny this, but while we are shortening our arrival time to our destination, the comfort of our journey is debatable. Moreover, we can not ride the BRT every time we want. Let's see how many people in front of us, how many minutes there are vehicles, and above all, is there any place to step inside?
MetrobusFor many passengers, strictly a test of patience. Buses that are not in the middle of nowhere, sometimes in the winter and sometimes working in the summer, the air conditioners that do not work, brakes that persist in gravity, not opened, sometimes not closing doors when opened and more Ol

Especially in the business and school hours of the morning 07: 00-08: 00 and the evening 17: 00-19: 00, there are incredible densities. When this is the case, we often begin to take the option of ğ sitting down f and then f let me find the opportunity to go inside Hal.
At least a few months, when we start riding the metrobus at several different stops, we can slowly see the good and bad sides, we can move accordingly. Yıl No, I have been for years Metrobus I would prefer to say seviy our friends, now the expert has reached the level of this issue can be called.
Our goal is to be able to ride on the metrobus first, and then stand firm until we reach where we want to arrive. It's hard work, but it's not impossible.

Stops important
Metrobus stops are important to get you to the vehicle. If you are going to take the first stops (like Edirnekapı, Zincirlikuyu, Söğütlüçeşme), you can find yourself a seat in one of the empty buses that are already in succession. You don't have to act hastily, but you shouldn't be drowsy.
If you're going to get out of the central stops, your job is really hard. Especially during work and school hours. For example, Incirli and Zeytinburnu. If you are traveling towards Söğütlüçeşme you have to fight hundreds of people at these stops. If you have the opportunity, you can take the 1-2 stop before you can get to the metrobus on the opposite lane and you can easily find a place on the metrobus that has not yet been reached.
For example, if you intend to take the metrobüse from the İncirli stop to Mecidiyeköy in the early morning hours, you may first get off at the Bahçelievler stop by taking the metrobus in the opposite direction. Here you will see that the metrobuses are not yet fully loaded.

Remember the body element. No need for emotion
Even if you're sure to get on a free bus, remember the passengers around. Generally Metrobus without stopping, without opening the door, many people begin to clutter towards the front of the door. In the meantime, they try to push people around the body. You can't be indifferent when they act like that. At least you have to stand upright to protect the point where you are, and you shouldn't have to think until you get inside, like, a Oh, if my shoulder is struck, it's a shame ene. Sensuality is the most important obstacle in the race.

Can we sit down, or do we just keep going?
Our first aim was to ride on the metrobus, we succeeded, and after that, if we could, we would be able to sit down. Which is definitely a ”luxury service” category. Metrobus In conditions. As we said, if you are waiting at the stops where Edirnekapı, Zincirlikuyu empty buses will be lifted, then you find a place to sit comfortably after a little wait. In general, people leave the 2-3 bus to get to the front of the door. Where do they stand, where the door corresponds, they look at them, they take their final position. A gray Mercedes, where two green Mercedes, where would the middle door be? Two pips, one green, where the back door? They are in the minds of many people, all of whom are affordable. Even from the floor structure of the stops to the location of the billboards, everything is memorized.

Those who say, çanta This place is full “
It is usually the method used by female passengers. She herself managed to sit down and try to take up her face, probably since her friend had left behind, kal We sit together ”. He puts a bag in the empty armchair next to him and says, "It's full here." It's worth noting. Because this is not a cinema, everyone is looking for a comfortable journey as much as you have an opportunity to empty space, I do not know how many people behind you can not leave the citizens. Just sit down and put on the headset. You're not wrong! If he came first ...

Avoid eye contact
In the meantime, you should not make eye contact with other passengers after sitting. We must give place to the sick and old people of course, but there are a lot of passengers who are in pursuit of cunning and who look after you with their gaze. For this reason, plug in your ear, turn your eyes in front of you and look at your way.

Attention to unstable passengers
If an empty bus has arrived, this is a surprise for many passengers. Nobody knows how easy the empty bus will come. Except for the stopping of empty buses. For this reason, the passenger who sees that there is an empty car, can go afarip for a while and look around. Obviously very unstable, there are so many seats, “Which if I sit in? O The idea of ​​immersion. If we go a few seconds ago, I wonder, "Can I come in?" Now he found a place in the "I wonder where I sit?" He starts to choose.
And. He builds them in his head and sits quickly where he finds many other passengers. If these unstable people are in front of you, it may hinder you from sitting down as you restrict your movement. With all due respect, he deserves a clean gaunt. He has no right to keep people behind him, which is likely to begin with discussions of this kind of situation.

They'il come over as you step.
You're on a crowded bus, there's no place to step. Well, you need to breathe a little bit, don't you? It is good to leave space for yourself at the foot of the 1-2. Or where do you get as far as you can? Outside passengers, who say tir Can you take another step? “, Usually have the idea of“ Ya, I'll go in, whatever. “ As if it was from behind Metrobus will not come, he wants to ride well Metrobus? As soon as you take small steps, the 2-3 person will want to come back. This may serve the canned travel logic, so you may not even find space to breathe comfortably after a while.

Most comfortable spots for standing travelers
As the most comfortable spot, perhaps the door mouth could be shown, but not. If you pay attention, many passengers always try to stop at the door. Therefore, neither those who want to get off the bus, or those who want to ride can move comfortably. The middle part is sometimes empty, but people can't even get in because the door is crowded. The good thing about being in the doorway is the fresh air coming through the doors at every stop. Generally, the BRT is usually so crowded (considering the fact that the air conditioner is not working), people need even a few seconds of clean air.
Generally speaking, comfortable places, the whole opposite side of the middle metrobüslerin very comfortable. There are armchairs on the left side of the door and seats on the right side. However, the center is empty and passengers can travel comfortably by leaning on the window. Another comfortable place is the staircase at the back. In fact, we can see that there are sometimes occupants in the space next to it.

In caterpillar metrobuses, in the middle, there are places with tourniquet-like holders and inside of the wheel, which can be seen on the wheel. Since these protrusions are flat and wide, three people can even sit side by side.
All these places are enough for you to study, play games or surf the Internet. When you're already having fun, you're going to feel that the time is rapidly flowing, the stops are melting. Otherwise, as you count those stops, you get the feeling that the roads will never end.

Get ready to go out or move fast, or wait until folks leave
Getting off the metrobus and getting out of the station is as difficult as riding the metrobus. This is a difficult situation, you must move in the narrow and crowded area for a while. But the hardest one is to be exposed to the actions of thoughtless people. I don't want to be exposed to cigarette smoke as soon as I get off of the metrobus! I do not understand people who smoke a cigarette in the second 1 seconds. If 1-2 is more patience and you are out there, will you die? Why are you poisoning people? For this and many other reasons, you can either go too fast, or wait until the environment is full.


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