Diyarbakir traffic relieves rail system

Metropolitan Municipality Transport Department President İbrahim Altun said that the solution of the existing transportation and traffic problem in Diyarbakır was approved by the Transportation Master Plan, which was presented to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Metropolitan Municipality Transport Department President İbrahim Altun evaluated the traffic problem in the city to Özgür Haber. Altun said that there is a discouragement in the traffic of Diyarbakır. “This discovery is due to the intersection works on some roads. The second is due to our lack of planning İkin.
Transportation master plan ready
Altun stated that they have taken serious steps in the planning dimension and added: Now our transportation plan is ready. Our report is now awaiting the approval of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. If we pass the approval, we will move with their outputs. We expect the report to be approved this month. Once approved, there will be some changes in the city. For example, the rail system will be activated for public transport. Apart from this, roads, intersections or bicycle paths will be raised. Now municipalities cannot create rail routes by planning only. This needs to be done within the scope of the transport master plan. This requires the approval of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. In this way, it is possible to implement. Otherwise, we find it difficult to find the source of your work. Apart from this, municipalities can be responsible when an accident occurs on the rail system. Therefore, the processes need to be completed. If our plan is approved, we will now prepare the use of the rail system. This will last about 2011 months. Our goal in April-May 3 by making the tender, the construction of July-August is to begin now, "he said.
Mahabad is ok, at the end of the year
Altun said that the main road of Mahabad Boulevard, which is called as 75 meter was completed, said, ığ The bikes and pedestrian roads were also auctioned and the works are continuing. We have the Kamliklu Boulevard, the 50-meter which connects the road between Sanliurfa and Mardin. We plan to open the road to traffic until the end of the year. If there is no problem, when we open this road, there will be an alternative way to Sento Street. Long and heavy tonnage vehicles and transit vehicles will now use the Kamushlu boulevard, not Sento Street. Thus, there will be a relief in the city. In the next year program, after connecting the road to Sanliurfa-Mardin, this time, the Mardin-Silvan road, Dicle University will expand the existing path, we will organize the transition in the form of the city, program he said.
Ekinciler Avenue will be pedestrianized
Altun, Transportation Master plan with the approval of the Ekinciler Street rail system will be passed by specifying, inc The rail system will be pedestrianized as well as the street. Because he's using too many pedestrians now. Ekinciler Street has a expectation of pedestrianization. Other than that, one-way applications will be implemented. Now the number of vehicles in the city is increasing. For him, in a narrow area, especially in Yenisehir, in the interurban and vineyards zone, we have no way to expand. Because we do not have such a chance, pedestrianization and one-way applications will be put into practice. Böyle
Solution of problems Transportation Main plan
Emphasizing that the solution of all problems is the Transport Master Plan, Altun said:
Ecek After this plan has been completed, a revision will be made in public transport, intersections and roads. Short, medium and long term solutions will come before us. We will implement short-term projects 3-4 in the year. We started these studies. We have made arrangements and improvements at some intersections and roads. However, as it is known, people are using the city center because they are working on the road. Even heavy-toned vehicles use the city center as there is no other road. However, if the Kamushlu boulevard, which will be completed in a few months, comes to life, a relief in the city is provided. In addition, highways and inter-city intersections work continues. If completed in these studies, there will be some more relaxation in the city. Of course, they need to be supported by public transport. We need to offer people an alternative to discourage their vehicles. This happens through healthy public transport. If the rail system, people inevitably give up their vehicles. We have a feasibility study for the 15 kilometer. We have two corridors now. We're going to bid for the first of these two corridors. We want citizens to use Elazığ Street and 75 meters. Karacadağ and Sento Avenue can be troubled.

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