Keyhan Translation Office Advantages

Keyhan Translation Office Advantages: Our company was established in 1997 as a family business and we can summarize the information about us as follows.

Our company has the experience of working with both official institutions and private companies in the field of translation, with offices in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa.

Most of our company's customers are international contracting firms, government agencies, computer software companies, large industrial enterprises, law offices, brand and patent offices, advertising agencies.
Each translation is coordinated and carried out by trained people. In this sense, our legal translations department is managed by our company partner who graduated from Bilkent University International Relations Department and our Technical translations department is managed by an experienced engineer graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering.

A Project Manager is employed for intensive and long-term projects. This person is in contact with the authorized person at the beginning of the job from a terminology work and gives continuous information about the progress of the work.

We use computer software and hardware to respond to any translation request. Furthermore, our company creates dictionaries especially for providing terminology unity for your intensive and long term projects.

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