A native Turkey tram project

A native Turkey tram project
Turkey's President Altepe providing information about the first tram domestic production work, the way they prepare for the tram map that tracked voiced appreciation in the production of all kinds can be done in Turkey. Mayor Altepe said, “Bursa is the second city with the strongest industry after Istanbul. We are an idealist society with big goals. We need to reach the Gross National Product of 30-40 thousand dollars. Therefore, we need to make technology-intensive productions and produce our own tools and equipment, ”he said. As soon as the task of producing their own brand of Bursa point of being a pioneer in the study they started reminding President Altepe in Turkey, he said the council's guidance by producing Turkey's first indigenous tram the historic success they signed. After parking in the environment and Indigenous tram system that performs a similar production Altepe President noted, "The way followed in the production of all these point out, it is an example for Turkey. If this path is followed; Can produce everything in Turkey, we can make great strides, in a short time. We have pioneered this as Bursa ”.



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