Turkey will clarify my firmasıda CN Chinese high-speed? | 6 Piece Multi-High Speed ​​Train sets

Newly-awarded 6 QTY High Speed ​​Train sets will be faster than the lowest bid Chinese company CNR
The train sets currently used in the Ankara-Konya YHT line are capable of a maximum of 300 kilometers per hour and are operated at an operating speed of 250 kilometers per hour.
The new 6 QTY High Speed ​​Train sets will have a maximum speed of 350 miles per hour and will be operated at an operating speed of 300 kilometers per hour.
1 hours 30 time between the two cities, Ankara-Sincan between the service will be put into service by the completion of the capital, the 1 hour 20 minutes, 350 6 kilometers per hour speed of the 1 QTY High Speed ​​Train sets will be put into operation with the 15 hour XNUMX minutes.
The YHT flights between Ankara and Konya started with a mutual 8 voyage, and the demand for 14 was launched in December last year to meet the increasing demand. Then, with the addition of two additional flights, a daily mutual 16 expedition will take place and the number of voyages will increase to 30.
Following the completion of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, the number of reciprocal flights is planned to reach 40.
New train sets to be operated in Ankara-Konya YHT line will have 480 seat capacity.

Source : I www.sondakika.co

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