5.71% Transportation Hike Approved in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality November Assembly Meeting convened under the chairmanship of the first deputy chairman of the assembly, Adnan Oğuz Akyarlı. In the third meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting, the expected 5 percent increase in transportation was accepted by majority of votes. According to the new tariff, buses, subways, ferries and İZBAN were made with a 5.71 percent to 6.67 percent increase in transportation.
The decision of the parliamentary members of the AK Party, which was criticized by the parliament on the grounds that it was not in accordance with the law, was referred to the budget commission at the last day.
The Commission approved the 5 percent Transportation Hike at today's session. Thus, the residents of Izmir will travel with the new fare schedule as of November 26.
AK Party members did not participate in the vote, according to the new tariff determined by the approval of members of the CHP, bus-subway and ferry tickets 1,85 TL; student ticket 1 TL; The teacher's tariff was determined as 1,15 TL.
Transportation tariffs in the districts of İzmir became clear in the vote. Accordingly, the full ticket in districts 3,20, student ticket 1,75; Teacher ticket fees were 1,95 TL.
On the other hand, the people of Izmir 60 age cards, 80 TL until the year they receive the annual 60 age cards from the new year (January 2013) will pay 100 TL. Old cards will be valid until January 31.
Before the vote, AK Party Group Vice President Yusuf Kenan Çakar, criticized the proposal to pass the parliamentary approval of the decision to move the transportation continued.
Explaining that they will not vote, Çakar said, “The laws in force do not describe it as such. Metropolitan Municipality Council does not have such a duty. The decision taken is against the law and labor regulations. Reduce this from the agenda of the assembly. We will not vote for the decision. Although it was seen in the laws that there were some flaws during the regulations and practices, this does not change only with the correspondence of the Ministry of Interior. If you change the law, it will be changed. It is a situation to be enforced by the ESHOT committee. By voting this, you stand before the law. Do not mix İZSU and ESHOT. There is a board of directors in the establishment of IZSU; ESHOT has a committee. If this road is opened by saying that İZSU applications are made, the decisions taken by the Metropolitan Municipality have an committee. ”



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