General Manager Erol İnal said at the press conference that we will develop TÜVASAŞ

Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager Erol İnal, “Now we need to produce the desired products in the world. TÜVASAŞ should have many products and varieties. ”
Inal held a press conference at the factory facilities due to his appointment as the General Manager and told that they would like to bring TÜVASAŞ to better places.
Inal, said Turkey would make it worthy of the factory's development, "will fulfill our part in this regard. Thanks to this factory, Sakarya will have a brand value. The products of our factory will introduce our city abroad Fab.
Emphasizing that everyone should do the task on this issue, Inal said that the factory would develop in this way.
Inal pointed out that the cities in Europe are known for their unique products and said, erek We also aim to create a TÜVASAŞ brand here. In this sense, the product range is very important. We have to achieve these goals. Everyone needs to help,. He said.
In terms of Sakarya transportation is one of the most important cities of Turkey noted that Inal, its port and rail project Karasu has announced it will increase even more this importance.
Inal, TÜVASAŞ, in terms of current technological situation and maintenance and repair workshop to fall into the state by telling. Ası The whole factory needs to be a pioneer. Nice things are done at the factory, but according to the developments in the world production is required. Now we have to produce the desired products in the world. TÜVASAŞ should have many products and types. We are also making the necessary attempts. It is our duty to put them into practice imiz.

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