400 Pieces of Goods Forgotten in Samsun Rail Transport System Await Their Owners

Forgotten 400 Parts in Samsun Rail Transportation System are waiting for their owners
In Samsun, those who see 400 pieces of goods from the license plate to the graduation cap in the Samray vehicles of the citizens cannot help saying 'no more'.
What is forgotten in the tram of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samsun Rail Transportation System (SAMULAŞ), which works between the station and the university; hats, wallets, textbooks, glasses, cell phones, health certificates and most of all, umbrellas. Among these items, there are also those who forget the graduation cap, car license plate, suit and even the baby's bottle that will make those who see them say "no more". What about the precious jewels that are waiting for their owners in the lost property office, which is not limited to these? In addition to gold items such as tags, wedding rings and chains, watches, local and foreign currencies are kept in the safe so that their owners can remove them. Noting that in the two years that the trams started operating, about 400 pieces of belongings came to the lost and found office, SAMULAŞ Security Chief Serdar Açıkel said that they tried to reach their owners if they found a name, address or phone number of their owners.
SAMULAŞ Security Chief Serdar Açıkel, who gave information about how citizens can take the lost items, said, “When our citizens who lost their valuable belongings arrive, we do not directly show the lost items. We ask various questions to make sure the item is certain. For example, if the person lost the phone, we ask for the pin code, the directory inside, and the brand of the phone. " said.

Source : I yurthaber.mynet.co

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