19 November 1940 Council of Ministers, the use of iron sleepers and ...

Today in History
19 November 1902 Zerka-Amman (20 km) line is completed. September 1903, XNUMX The line to Damascus-Der was completed.
19 November 1923 Approximately 1400 workers went on strike in the Eastern Railways Company. The strike lasted until 27 November.
19 November 1938 Atatürk's body was put on the gun carriage from Dolmabahçe and transferred to the ship of Yavuz with Zafer torpedo from here to Sarayburnu dock. The body of the Great Leader was brought to Izmit with this ship. He was taken ashore with the victory torpedo. Naşı departed for Ankara by private train at 20.30.
19 November 1940 Council of Ministers decided to use iron cross beams and import them until they were produced in Karabük Iron and Steel Plant.



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