10 requires 500 mileage system in Istanbul

In 10 years, 500 kilometers of rail system to Istanbul is required. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, said that in 10 years Istanbul must have a 500 km rail system. Held at the Istanbul Congress Center 3. participating in the Transportation Week 2012 V. The transistor Transportation Symposium and Exhibition Lightning, save the urbanization rate will increase gradually in Turkey.
Stating that could prevent the migration to the cities, it is expedient to increase the wealth of the point, and so he said they were trying to be accessible from all parts of Turkey for 10 years.
Turkey 10 years in the information infrastructure that they invested 197 billion pounds Lightning, noted that this investment is not enough.
Transport Council Meeting organized by Turkey's future in 2009 years in 10, explaining that they identify needs Yildirim, Istanbul said they spent a great energy to solve the problem.
Reminiscent of Istanbul's transition to the rail system in the 1990s, Yıldırım continued his words as follows:
”You shouldn't forget anything while talking about the solution of the traffic problem. When you say a city without traffic problems, you cannot believe anyone. What we're going to talk about is a bearable traffic problem. In other words, the flow will continue, the flow rate will decrease from time to time, but it will continue continuously, we need to understand this. ”
Public transport issues
Yıldırım said, "Unfortunately, we are late on public transport issues," he said, after the nostalgic tram, Istanbul was thrown into the rail system in the early 1990s.
Prime Minister reminded that the meat is tender Taksim Metro Lightning at that time, at that time, he added that rail experience in Turkey.
Stating that the companies had difficulties to learn on the one hand and to do the project on the other hand, Yıldırım underlined that Istanbul has been working on a rail system that has reached 17 kilometers with the ongoing projects in about 18-250 years since then.
Emphasizing that Istanbul must have a 10 km rail system within 500 years, Yıldırım continued his speech as follows:
"Transportation in the assessment we made in HMC, we saw the future of the entire rail system of potential in Turkey in 10 years has reached 4 thousand kilometers. Today, cities with a population of more than 700 thousand are working on the rail system and have started their applications. By doing this, the responsibility of the central administration does not end. To make a master's program across the country, to increase the domestic contribution in public transportation… We need to market knowledge and experience on this subject and make arrangements for them. We also do these. Rail systems are under the authority and responsibility of the central administration and our ministry. So the authority will be in both big cities and the ministry will continue to be authoritative. ”
3 held in Istanbul Congress Center. Public Transportation Week Transist 2012 Yıldırım participated in the V. Transportation Symposium and Fair. He said that the theme of the program is 4 e, economy, energy, ecology and activity.
Yildirim said that all of them reminded me of public transportation, and that the amount of time spent in Istanbul in the morning and evening lost in traffic in the morning and in vain, 1 annually cost 3,5 billion pounds.
Stating that they will cost highways 3 billion lira with the 5rd bridge to be built on the Bosphorus, Yıldırım said, "We are faced with a loss for the 1,5rd bridge and a 3-kilometer highway every 100 years."
Providing information that 30 percent of energy is used for transportation today, Yıldırım continued his words as follows:
Energy is our soft belly. Transportation to the sector, which tends to increase our current deficit. Here, we will continue to pay the invoice in this way if we cannot leave the individual transport aside and direct the public to public transportation. Neither will we be successful in reducing exhaust gas emissions. The best way to provide 4 e is to continue investing in public transportation infrastructure. Turkey has made great progress in the last 10 years in this sense. Turkey, with projects put forward in transit, has carried with investments in aviation and maritime more effective use of incentives for today serious infrastructure to prepare the next available issue of a sustainable solution process. "
“We must make sure people take public transportation”
Lightning, the realization of Marmaray, 3. activation of the bridge, 2. Eurasia Project, which is a big tunnel passage, is the introduction of 3. With the launch of the airport and additionally the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train started to work, he stated that the traffic centered in the center of Istanbul would start to shift from the center to the environment and said that they would bring Istanbul to a more sustainable public transportation infrastructure in the medium term.
Transportation demand in the EU countries, annually 2,16 increased information that the Lightning, the contribution of transportation to GDP is around 10 said.
In Turkey, Yıldırım explained that the 15,4 percent of this rate, he stressed that they will continue to invest in transport infrastructure.
7 percent of the transport sector in creating employment in Europe, in Turkey, underlining that 13 per cent of those lightning, continued his speech as follows:
“When we consider the growth trends in the last 17 years with an average population growth of 25 thousand, the demand for public transportation in our country will increase at least 3 times today. This means that we have more time, more thought about public transport. We cannot solve this by saying 'get on the bus, get on the train'. How-We should have access to the comfort provided by door-to-door transportation. We must ensure that people take public transportation. Turkey that we need to yaygınlaştırma general. We can move from Istanbul to Turkey. "
“Nobody has the right to belittle what is done for Istanbul”
Expressing that nobody has the right to underestimate what has been done for Istanbul, Yıldırım said that the projects that are not in any of the world cities are in Istanbul.
Noting that all of the mega projects take place in Istanbul today, Yıldırım stated that the total number of projects currently underway in Istanbul is 60 billion liras.
Stating that some of these projects have already started and some of them have come to the stage of completion, Yıldırım underlined that large projects should be raised in order for Istanbulites to travel more comfortably and comfortably until 2020.
Yıldırım said that there would be no politics in the service.
”I was in Izmir yesterday. We have invested billions in lira for infrastructure to date. Politics happens in the square and ballot box. The service always goes to the citizen. IETT serves 3,5 million Istanbul residents per day. The Metrobus project is described as a very successful project by all my colleagues I have visited and met in Europe. They say, 'How did you finish this project in such a while?' Over 700 thousand Istanbul residents every day KadıköyIt travels uninterruptedly from Turkey to TÜYAP. Now imagine that this is in the normal way, about 3 hours. Now how much - 1 hour - 40 minutes. This project was done in a very short time and was very cheap. This is a smart project. Now we are talking about 4-e. We used to talk about three. What was 3 ç- Garbage, pit, mud. From where to where. "
After the speech, Yıldırım presented a plaque by IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı.
Later, Minister Yıldırım, the presentation of the program gave a plaque to the teachers commemorating the day.
At the event, 3. The winners of the compositions, poems, paintings, caricatures and photography competitions organized by the Public Transportation Week were also given prizes.



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