Railway renovation works started in Gökçebey district of Zonguldak.

In Gokcebey district of Zonguldak, railway renovation works have started.

In Gökçebey district, dismantling of the side rails of TCDD station was started. State Railways will put new trains on the Zonguldak-Karabük-Irmak line next time, and rail dismantling works have started in Gökçebey as part of the renovation works of the line. DDY Gökçebey station chief İsmet Saygı stated that a new passenger platform will be built at Gökçebey Station. Respect, tarafından Gökçebey station rail renovation work was started by the carrier company to dismantle the rail rails, which are the start of the two side rails. After the completion of the dismantling works, the road renewal works will be started by the parent company. In these works, the ground where the rails will be laid will be reinforced by sliding and reinforced concrete, renewal of the electrical installation, train signalization and renewal of communication networks will be carried out. After all these improvement works are finished, modernized trains will enter the expedition. A new passenger platform will be built at Gökçebey station. In line with the modern commuter stops, we will be carrying passengers with new sets. According to the Minister of Transportation, 44 will last for months.

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