90 percent of YHT Yerköy Sivas line infrastructure works completed

In the high-speed train project that will reduce Ankara-Sivas to 3 hours, after the tender of the Yozgat-Sivas line and the Ankara-Kırıkkale-Yerköy section, the Yerköy-Sivas infrastructure works progressed by 90 percent. Ankara-Sivas high speed train project is targeted to be completed in 2016. A senior official from TCDD said that the main route works continue in the form of excavation, embankment, sub-base layer, amount of concrete, excavation, tunnel. Noting that the tender for the Ankara-Yerköy line was delayed because the highway project was on the agenda, the official said, “Therefore, the projects of the highway and the railway coincided with each other. But this year we will bid the second part. It is a flat area between Kırıkkale and Yerköy, so it will go faster. But we will have some difficulties in Elmadağ. After all, they will all be finished in 2016 ”.

There are Chinese in the consortium

In the tender for the Yozgat (Yerköy)-Sivas section of the high-speed train to be built between Ankara and Sivas, the lowest bid was given by the joint venture group formed by ChinaMajor Bridge Engineering (China) – Cengiz İnşaat – Limak and Kolin İnşaat with 839 million dollars. tender kazanThe company will carry out earthworks such as excavation and filling, culverts, underpasses and overpasses, crossing bridges, highway crossing bridges, 4 viaducts and 7 drilling tunnels. The line is expected to be completed within 3 years.

Project, Pan-Europe 4. Located in the hallway

If the Ankara-Sivas high speed train project is realized, the current railway length, which is 602 kilometers, will be shortened by 136 kilometers to 466 kilometers. The travel time of 11 hours will be 2 hours and 50 minutes. The approximate cost of the project, which will have a speed of 250 kilometers with double lines, is 1 billion 85 million dollars. Ankara-Sivas railway project is located on the railway connection of Europe-Iran, Europe-Middle East and Caucasian countries. The project is located in the 4th Pan-European Corridor. With the Ankara-Sivas railway project, the Ankara-Istanbul and Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Rail lines will be put into operation, and a railway connection will be provided between the east and the west of the country. Thanks to this project, not only the east and west of our country, but also the connection between Europe and Iran, and Europe and the Caucasus.

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