Governor Altinok: Niğde's Ulukışla district from the railway to connect to Aksaray said very important

Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok said that connecting the railroad to the Ulukışla district of Niğde to Aksaray is the most important issue of the province to be solved. Altınok said, “If we can connect the railway to Aksaray via Niğde Ulukışla, we can be instrumental in the rapid acceleration of both industry and agriculture. This is the most urgent project to be carried out and run in Aksaray. ” said.

Speaking to Cihan News Agency, Aksaray Governor Selami Altınok stated that the most important and the most important project of the province is the railway: “I think the most important project in Aksaray is the railway. The tender of the project is ready. If we can connect that railroad to Ulukışla as soon as possible, we can be instrumental in our industry, agriculture, and animal husbandry. This is the project that needs to be done and run to Aksaray the most urgent. Turkey began to be considered in this work very quickly. Leave the high-speed train in the past, 'How is the train?' Konya - Ankara - Eskişehir - Ankara works at the point where we come to thank God from an environment that is thought to be today. The connection to Istanbul takes very fast. Ankara - Sivas will end until 2014, as I know it. Then Sivas, Erzurum will be connected to the Caucasus. Maybe Kayseri or Antalya connection is considered from Ankara. These are very good developments. In addition, all these projects will benefit from Aksaray. Because wherever our government makes the railway, 'Aksaray will benefit from all of them with the advantage of its geographical structure and transit route?' I think. This is the biggest advantage of Aksaray's location. This advantage should be well evaluated. ” he spoke.

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