Uşak wonders, is the rail system coming?

I've been talking about the rail system for a long time. A final explanation on the subject was made.

Uşak Municipality continues its rail system works. On the one hand, while the feasibility studies continue, project and finance studies are continuing. In this context, researches and interviews continue.

The authorities of Rouen Municipality of France visited Mayor Ali Erdogan on the rail system and transportation vehicles. The visit was attended by Mr. Gregoire Carrier, Assistant General Manager in charge of Rail Systems from the Municipality of Rouen, Alexander Burban, Rail Transportation Officer, and Frak Sızun, the Commercial Consulate of the French Consulate in Istanbul. In addition to the rail system and its advantages, the characteristics of light rail vehicles used in the rail system of Rouen Municipality were discussed.
Mayor Ali Erdoğan, who gave information about the subject, said that they are very interested in integrating the rail system into Uşak and the studies are continuing on this subject. Erdoğan stated that their aim was to place the system in Uşak in the short term and said olduğun We continue our studies on the subject. I think that the rail system will provide great benefits in our province. With the establishment of the system, the traffic relaxes and the trams, which are the modern transportation vehicles, can easily reach to the places where our citizens want in all kinds of weather conditions. Sistem Reminding that the work on cost is currently underway, President Erdoğan stated that the light rail system continues its work in such a way that it will not be burdened by Uşak Municipality.

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