Testing Crisis in TÜVASAŞ's Wagons Produced to Bulgaria

Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) bearing produced for Bulgaria was allegedly experiencing problems in the shipment of cars. According to the information received, it was stated that the orders were kept at the customs due to the lack of speed tests of the wagons.

During the time of the former General Manager of TÜVASAŞ, İbrahim Ertiryaki, 30 sleeping wagon agreements were made with Bulgaria, and it was announced to the public as “Shipment of the sleeping wagons produced by TÜVASAŞ for Bulgaria has started”.
According to the claims of sources close to the factory, these 30 wagons were sent to Bulgaria without speed tests, while Bulgarian officials claimed that 12 wagons sent in the first place kept the wagons at the customs due to the lack of necessary speed tests.

According to the information received from the TÜVASAŞ authorities to solve the problem and speed tests to make the speed of the 180 from abroad to be leased by the locomotive is planned to complete the tests of the wagons.
In this direction, it will be used for the test on the route between Ankara and Eskisehir speed train is specified. The tests are planned to be done in a short time and the remaining 18 cars will be delivered in this direction after the tests.

Bulgarian authorities have learned that the speed test of the wagons has not been carried out, causing difficulties in ordering orders.
Again according to the claims, TÜVASAŞ has to pay 500 Euros per day for every wagon that is kept at the customs and not delivered to Bulgaria.
This means that TÜVASAŞ will remove a total of 30 thousand Euros (15 thousand TL) per day for 35 wagons. It is wondering whether a statement will be made from the factory on the subject.

Source : I www.sakaryahalk.co

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