Can Turks build a "Tram"?

If only we could ask the title question as "Spacecraft" instead of tram. Now, even if the technology is old, babayigit, which says "we can produce" for the automobile, is no longer available. Some father-to-be candidates attribute this to the economy of the business; It is a fact that economies of scale play an important role in automobile production. So they have some (very) justification shares. However, logic changes when you bring the "learning" economies into the story.
Let's come to the rail systems. It was written earlier in this corner. Urban and inter-city rail systems of Turkey's pen will spend a lot of public money in the future. From the metro to the light rail systems in our cities, the rail system infrastructure is almost absent. So there is a "hold" / "frozen" demand. It is obvious that we cannot solve the urban transportation problem of our cities by buses or minibuses that are our own invention.

If we are going to invest a lot of rail systems in the coming decades, we should find the way to produce these systems locally. This goes through encouraging and supporting the private sector. Every country does this. Is it a coincidence that almost all trams were produced by Skoda, Siemens in German cities and Rotem in Seoul when you go to Prague?

As for us, the situation is different, each city is self-proclaimed independent of the country's overall strategy and interest. I am not opposed to the initiative of local governments to be misunderstood. On the contrary, I want local governments to take the initiative. However, I think that local strategies should be parallel to the country's strategy in matters of general interest of the country.
For example, in the works of the Ankara metro, the Ministry of Transport has introduced the 51 rule of local content. In this case, the Ankara metro will be cheaper and work and employment will be provided to our local companies. Quality will not fall according to foreign suppliers, because such infrastructure services are already certified and have a strong control.

Similar initiatives are being taken in Bursa and Kayseri Municipality. I am sure that a similar sensitivity will be shown in the tender of "60 tram vehicles, 58 pen spare parts and 1 deray equipment purchase" which will be realized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

As a matter of fact, a hundred percent local tram (Silkworm), including patented parts purchased by them from the software, was produced in Bursa recently. There is more than foreign counterparts as a feature, there is no shortage.
21 is a country that produced aircraft before producing cars. At the beginning of the century I understand the purchase of spacecraft from abroad. However, it is difficult to understand the tram from abroad. I am not against the financial support of foreign countries in this global crisis. However, wouldn't it be a more appropriate policy for the domestic products to be purchased domestically and to support our own economy?

Note: The Turkish Aviation Industry Exhibition & Forum (TÜHEFO 2012), to be held for the third time this year by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and THY Teknik, will take place at the Istanbul Expo Center on 18-20 October 2012. The fair, which aims to develop the Turkish aircraft industry, to obtain information about the standards and procedures of the domestic industry in aviation, and to meet with the world's leading aircraft-part manufacturers in this field and share knowledge and experience for joint business, is expected to be much more intense this year. . TÜHESFO 2012 offers Turkish companies a unique opportunity for the production and joint cooperation of parts of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, as well as many international companies.

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