TULOMSAS should be moved to another place

TÜLOMSAŞ is one of the oldest and largest public institutions in Eskişehir. It was established as a Railroad Factory many years ago. Years later, he became autonomous. First the name was ELMS, then TÜLOMSAŞ.
It was outside the city in the years it was built. It was built in place of the train station. But as the city grew and grew
TÜLOMSAŞ also gradually began to stay in the center of the city.
Now in the heart of the city. He's squeezing the city now.
TULOMSAS, one of the locomotives of the city and the country's economy, completed its economic life on the spot.
When we look at the work done in the current area, it has become insufficient. TÜLOMSAŞ must then be modernized in order to produce a more economical and healthier business.
Since this cannot be possible in the current place, it needs to be moved to a larger area.
The politicians should take the necessary steps for TULOMSAS to move the city. Organized Industrial Zone and Hasan Bey Logistics Center where the most appropriate place is shown. When we look at the right one. Someone's addressing Alpu County. Not Alpu. Away from the city. With this excuse, TULOMSAS will be modernized and will increase the amount of work to be done and will be in a position to sign bigger works. For example, the tram will be able to produce.
After the stadium is moved, there is talk that the old place will be the town square. There are even those who say that small facilities should be built next to it where people can do sports. I also agree with this thought. I am not against the housing or shopping mall to be built next to it for the financing of the new stadium. But if TÜLOMSAŞ moves, this area should not be seen as a rent. It should not be seen as a residential or shopping mall area at all. Then what's the point of moving TÜŞOMSAŞ? A second 'town square' to the city kazanshould be removed. Again, sports fields where everyone can do sports, small shopping centers on the ground and a car park under it. I am sure that those who live in that area will definitely put their cars in the parking lot.

Source : www.anadolugazetesi.net

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