Vatmen will speak English in Taksim

Çiğit in our country is the home type of the dominant type. Research conducted, their wives types in Turkey in the form 60% of the core family type, shows that out of this figure. This rate of growth toward the Clutter said that the city's population in Turkey that show parallels with the urban society is not yet. The modern atomic nucleus is one of the dominant sociological characteristics of the family type industrialized societies. Modern core line type operation It is ideal to meet all the needs of the society. the guardian spouse does not have a structure that can be stretched in line with this requirement. The modern atomic core profit has the flexibility of economic and geographical land bonding, and the members of the family do not derive their status from their families, as in the congenital family, but by virtue of their own technique and abilities. kazanrivers. The fact that the Çiğit family, as in the extended family, is not a suitable construction for establishment, makes it proportional to the industrial society where production is made in factories or small and consistent clan enterprises. however, many families have the characteristics that can meet the needs of the rural society, or in other words, the agricultural society. The core profit structure even has the feature of occupying people's violation of conditions and principles through feudal relations. because people who cannot break the rules, laws and principles by getting the support of the husband will have to comply with them. It is precisely at this point that other 'families' such as system organizations, unions, and associations emerge. The atomic core family is not only in terms of production, but even more importantly, its structure is the last point elegant for the consumption habits of the industrial society. The modern Cigit family structure, which has zero ability to produce within itself and to meet its own needs through this production, is a good structure for these consumption habits, as can be expected. One non-serious feature of the modern cicht family is that it is an urban or city family, as expected. The communication between the members of the modern atomic nucleus family with each other and with other people, the conditions of say, the bowel and the external layout of the dwelling show completely urban characteristics. While social value judgments and kinship relations come to the fore in the family that is comfortable to see from the mother, personal success is still coming to the fore in contemporary çigit families. They are still heavily influenced by the family based family. One of the important effects of the modern atomic nucleus on the education science of the family is to teach children social sex roles. kazanit is snoring. Gender, which is the social fabric's way of defining women and men, is the attitude, behavior, hope and responsibilities that are defined and accepted for the individual and the social fabric that has been lived throughout. Gender is not innate. in the era kazanIt is determined by random and random zero (such as education) experiences. Contrary to gender, which is a biological concept, gender is shaped by the traditions, customs and habits of the social fabric in which one lives, and can show tradeoffs.

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