Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Spanish Basque Government and the Spanish delegation consisting of 3 deputy ministers, bureaucrats and journalists visited and made observations at TCDD. The Spanish delegation noted that the co-operation in the railways contributed significantly to the relations of the two countries.

Turkey launched the project with High Speed ​​Train (YHT) technology in the world 8, 6 while in Europe. Foreigners' interest in TCDD continues to be a country. The Spanish delegation consisting of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Bernabe Unda, Deputy Minister for Planning Pedro Gomez Damborena, Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy Xabier Garmendia, bureaucrats, railway officials and journalists have held various contacts in TCDD. The first stop of the Spanish guests was Ankara Gar. The delegation was welcomed by Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsmet Duman in the VIP lounge. The Spanish delegation, who received information from the authorities, then visited the Atatürk House and Railroad Museum and the Atatürk Wagon in the National Struggle and received information from the authorities. TCDD Deputy General Director İsmet Duman gave a gift to the Spanish guests who took plenty of photos in front of the museum and YHT set. The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government of Spain, Bernabe Unda, together with İsmet Duman, gave a gift to İbrahim Çevik, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations, and Tuna Aşkın, the Regional Director of YHT, as well as a cufflink with a scallop sculpture.

TCDD makes a short presentation about the work of the Spanish delegation to the Deputy General Manager Ismet Duman, he recalled from a friendship between Turkey and Spain. Stating that the joint work with the Spanish companies in the YHT and suburban lines, Duman, expressed satisfaction with the visit. Explaining that they have formed sectoral clusters by meeting with the authorities of the university and organized industrial zones, Duman said, görüş Companies that bring together different railway parts form a significant synergy. This also contributes to the development of railways. The importance of cooperation and information exchange in the globalizing world is increasing day by day. In this respect, we care about this visit. We want to increase the cooperation with Spain. İspanya

Bernabe Unda, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Basque Government of Spain, said that as the Basque government, they attach importance to inter-institutional and interpersonal relations. Unda stated that they are very well hosted in the railways and that the cooperation in the sector contributed significantly to the existing relations between the two countries. Unda, TCDD thanked the authorities.

Source: TCDD

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