Today in History: 30 October 1937 New Ankara Station was opened. The architect of the station is 25 years old.

October 30, 1937 New Ankara Station was opened. The architect of the station is Sekip Sabri Akalın, 25 years old.
30 October 1897 The Extraordinary Commissioner of Egypt, Ahmet Muhtar Pasha, in his report addressed to Sultan Abdulhamid, offered to immediately start the construction of the simendifer line from Damascus to the Suez Canal and from Konya to Damascus. It was discussed in his Vükela. The necessity of the line has been confirmed.
With the October 30, 1918 Mondros Armistice, the Entente States seized all German railways and the Germans were sent to their countries. The French occupied the Konya-Adana-Aleppo-Nusaybin- and the British occupied the Haydarpaşa-Ankara and Eskişehir-Konya lines. The Taurus tunnels were also under the control of the Entente States. Ottoman guard continents in Hicaz, Asir, Yemen, Syria and Iraq required surrender to the nearest Allied Powers. Thus, he broke with the Middle East Ottoman State together with Hicaz Railway. Except the Erzurum-Sarıkamış-Border line, 8343 km of railways were built during the Ottoman period, 4587 km of these lines remained outside the borders of the country, and on this date, 3756 km of companies were 356 km from the Russians, a total of 4112 km. There was a railroad. The number of all locomotives available was 280, the number of passenger wagons was 720, and the freight car was 4500. 25 percent of them were in need of repair. Fuel was the most important problem. 31.428 people were needed to provide uninterrupted fuel demand.

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