Can not be a toilet in BursaRay? | Bursaray toilet


I would like to mention the general toilet issue (Bursaray toilet) in BursaRay. Service in BursaRay is very nice. I would like to thank the authorities for this quality service. But why do not the toilet to the stations? No station in the toilet. If the toilet is open to everyone, it may be considered as a hygiene problem or this may not be achieved due to odor problem. However, I think that if the toilet is used for a certain price and if the toilet is cleaned by an official at certain intervals, the hygiene problem will be overcome. If you are a patient, such as a prostate and kidney disease, or if your child needs an emergency toilet, what will you do? Traveling in BursaRay especially with a small child can sometimes become a complete torture. There are public toilets in the subways, even under the subways, but we do not. This problem should be overcome in BursaRay which carries thousands of passengers. Is it possible for the authorities to raise this issue?

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  1. For the sake of Allah, let's do a cab on one of the pavements outside the subway!