Visit from Satso to Tüvasaş

SATSO Assembly Chairman Adnan Borazancıoğlu, Chairman of the Board Mahmut Kösemusul, Board Member Ahmet Cevherli, Secretary General Uğur Tın and Assembly Member Hüsnü Elbek visited TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal in his office and wished success in his new position.

SATSO President Kösemusul stated that they are ready to work in harmony with all the dynamics of Sakarya within the framework of a common vision and that they are voiced on every platform and emphasized that dialogue is important. Describing their goals as SATSO, Kösemusul stated that they have an idea on everything from economy to social life, from agriculture to tourism in Sakarya and that they want to be a stakeholder in Sakarya-related studies.

TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal, expressing his satisfaction with the visit; He said that he welcomed the mission undertaken by SATSO. Highlighting the importance of being in close communication in the period ahead in which the rail sector will develop further, İnal; “TÜVASAŞ has experienced important developments for us in 2011 and the first half of 2012, which we left behind. We had a very productive year in terms of our corporate identity and our foreign exports. What happened has shown that TÜVASAŞ is taking firm steps towards the future ”.

Source: Media 73



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