Military munitions exploded at Donguz train station in Orenburg city in Russia

📩 25/11/2018 14:36

Military ammunition exploded at Donguz train station in Orenburg, Russia. Explosion occurred in the field of military testing jumped on the train loaded 40 wagon ammunition.

Very strong explosions in the backdrop of a smoke cloud covering the entire region, thousands of people from the two towns began to be evacuated.

. The town of Donguz has been partially evacuated, Rusya the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situation said. Sol-Lipetsk highway was closed to traffic. The ammunition wagons in the train station were also affected by the explosions at the 10.57 in Moscow at the time. Moskova

The Ministry of Interior said that the military units in the region have started work and the fire has been taken under control. And there's no one who's lost his life.

Explaining the explosion occurred in the military area of ​​Donguz Ministry of Defense SözcüSulej Konasenkov, explosion in the region where there were no dead or injured all the soldiers safely escaped the incident, he said.

It was recorded that the area where the explosions occurred was a military test area and unused ammunition was destroyed here.

In Russia, there have been frequent explosions in military stores recently. 95 injured in the explosion at the end of June in the Udmurtia region, 18 explosions occurred in May at the Primorsk military depot and on the 30 May in Khabarovsk military depot.

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