Why Light Rail System?

The importance of "rail systems" in transportation is an indisputable fact. However, it should be accepted that it is too late in rail system applications. In this regard, the world could not keep pace; While the backbone of urban transportation in the world is based on rail systems, “highway” and “rubber wheel” transportation has been encouraged for many years in our country, and the investments made have been mostly for land transportation.

It is clear that a transportation model based on road and tire-wheeled vehicles is not suitable for the interests of both our country and our city. For this reason, priority should be given to bir Light Rail System esi for the general planning of transportation so that transportation problem can be dealt with in a long-term and radical manner.

The modern city life of our century compels the citizens to use public transport. However, with the increase of income, public transport passengers who own cars are more selective in using this system. This selectivity is only possible with the çek Light Rail System sistemi which is fast, comfortable, high quality and safe transportation system.

Ü Bus management ”is the easiest type of public transport in small cities. This type can be tailored to the needs of each city. However, it is far from responding to the needs of a metropolis like Erzurum. Bus management is a transportation model that pollutes the environment as well as being dependent on foreign energy consumption.
The most appropriate public transportation model for the intra-city transportation needs is the Light Rail System model, which is a coordinated and integrated (interconnected and complementary) transportation model. It is known that planning individual transportation systems is not efficient and economic transportation can be done by integrated transportation which is considered as ”uninterrupted circulation entegre when planned together.

In our country, 95% of urban "freight" and "passenger" transport is carried out by highways and therefore by wheeled vehicles. The very heavy socio-economic bill of this distortion was paid in the past and continues to be paid today.
Looking at developed countries, toplu rail transport systems d are the main elements of public transportation; It is seen that electric transport systems become the most important part of intra-city transportation systems in big cities and other transportation systems are complementary, auxiliary elements of service.

In the world and especially in developed countries, a new concept called “travel demand management” has emerged in order to meet the increasing demand for urban transportation. Taking advantage of the existing infrastructure at the highest level and shifting transportation demand to other alternative forms with rapidly developing communication and computer technologies are among the main strategies used for this concept.

The light rail system, along with the travel demand management, is the most suitable and open system for the integrated transportation model in terms of city transportation.

Source: Ener Strategy Center



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