Metrobus revolution started in Denizli

It has realized the Metrobus Project which is on the agenda of DENİZLİ Municipality for a long time.

Metrobuses waiting for Turex to buy in the hangar months ago and the construction work on the main routes of Denizli was carried out to the desired extent. 12 Metrobus makes ring on Kumpus Üçler and Campus Yenişehir line. 12 metrobus opened the ignition. On two separate routes, 6's metrobus are regularly operated. One of the Metrobuses is kept as a reserve against any malfunction or malfunction. Turex, the next 12 bus, the 15 during the day 08.00, night 24.00 will run between hours full-time.15 daily process night, citizens' BRT needs and trends will be observed.

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