The Metrobus marathon begins


📩 22/11/2018 15:15

Oh… You have done your makeup, you have blown your hair, you are dressed in two dirhams, one core, you are ready to go to work, to school. Make sure that when you get on the metrobus, your blow dryer will deteriorate much earlier than the blow-dry blow-dryer. Nothing can prevent your makeup from getting on your side .... Do not even think of high heels with a mini skirt, you may need to stand on one foot. If you are at a length above Turkish standards, it is not a matter, if not, it will be useful to have a tall friend with you, since the vehicles are manufactured in Holland, it is only suitable for people who are 1.70 and above. You may think you are weakened while inside the Metrobus; otherwise how can these people fit in a bus. Neither the Karatay diet nor the Dukan Diet can weaken you so quickly, but unfortunately. When you get off, your old volume will be replaced. Everyday CevizliI'm traveling between Bağ-Avcılar, but I'm thankful because I come from Beylikdüzü. Thank God I'm not that far away. Schools opened, traffic doubled. So we've got some new college students. Here are the new coming young college women and begin a new way to work with anyone who intersects with the metrobus somehow we'll meet in one day nacizane metrobüse riding and stroke suggestions will be how to ride, how to get? As I said, schools opened, which means that the tail that started on the bridge in Avcilar will be at the best of the bridge. Keep calm, don't panic, you'll have to cross the peddlers on the bridge before you reach the destination. Make sure your batteries are full. Remember that he can never leave after he comes into the queue. When you head up the stairs, walk slowly through the penguin walk. Beware of the foregrounds, do not multiply, adjust the distance with the back of the people who try to break in. You're close to work, take out your akbilinizi, patience in front of the moment now, and the next time you're the next ve dıdıdt ​​dıtıt, sound when you hear this calm. Just don't be afraid, you're just finished. If you don't help, he can be in a very difficult situation. Remember, you can be a hero in a behavior you do. He's going to ask you if you have too much credit. You'll be helpful if you have, but there are things you need to know before helping. You should know how much he should pay you. With the new system, ask for 3 TL for 1.6 stops, 8 TL for 9-2.6 stops, 2.9 TL for more stops. By the way, pay attention to the back, they may run out of patience while you are exchanging money. The first sentence you'll hear is cular hadisene brother, we will wait until the morning / evening var If one of you, bang brother, what a hurry kadar if the roving is fired at that time, and the surrounding marriars in the BRT may have been involved in the conversation. I advise you never to leave the calmness, you are very close to the target, please be patient. If you have a metrobus bellows to ride the metrobus, go to where the last door will open. Since all the doors will open at the same time and the marathons will enter through each door, one-way approach to the last door and your goal is to the left of the metrobus. Remember, the best ones will move faster than you to get to the front, this is the sine qua non of BRT. If you're thinking about sitting on the metrobus, you should wait until the empty BRT arrives. Of course in the meantime, the back of the rob binmiyosan pulling my brother aya will say, be sure to give the way to the gentlemen will continue to stay at the back of the queue and you will never ride that metrobus. When the empty BRT arrives, you're in a marathon and you have to move very fast. A few pieces of information for women… If you are pregnant or have a child with you, “you are a thoughtless selfish mother-woman trying to get on this metrobus in this crowd without embarrassing you. Come on, don't you think about yourself? Either if you get crushed or if the child passes the metrobus, or if that child falls… What are you doing in the metrobus in this way… ”You will need an orthopedic shoe or sneakers to get on the metrobus. Your bag is not hanging from the shoulder, it will be crossed from your neck and you should know what the left and right crook are, and your reflexes must be fast to find the one who harasses you. A few swear words. Remember, your goal is to ride that metrobus at the expense of the metrobus over your foot. When the driver says, ş Bring word to the Shah and not hold the brakes! If you don't know, don't worry, you'il be boiled in chorus, and you're gonna boil in between. If you have sat down… If you have the chance to sit down, be sure to give thanks and say “be blessed to you”. Is it over? No, of course, at every stop, the ride will be more than the descending passenger, young people are more wasteful than the elderly will survive. When each door is opened, those close to the door are in danger of crushing, as long as you are seated. If an old woman comes up to you right away, sleep right away, remember that this is best based on the glass. Surprisingly, the ones who wrapped in the leg of their side were short and could not reach the handle. You should never share your phone calls in Metrobus anywhere else. It's delusional. CevizliFrom the person who told him that he was at Söğütlüçeşme at the vineyard, what he told me, what he said. You need to learn to keep a secret when you're on the metrobus. If you know how to fly, you can sit up to stop you in, but to stop you in if you do not know how to fly you approached slowly to not lead to a possible seat fight without forgetting the meantime, please specify his predecessor and "please give the place the woman standing near buyrun saying I will in a minute. Don't forget men are the BRT rule; Okay, but at least it's my rule. It's natural to drag the passengers that won't land with you when the door opens. After you get down to the small, the government, the mayor and everyone who treat us as a sack of potatoes, and all the institutions that allow it to be remembered, and the other us to remember, how it is completely up to you.

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