Mersin 5. International Logistics and Transport Fair Opened

Mersin 5. International Logistics and Transport Fair was opened. CNREXPO will be exhibiting its products and services at the Yenişehir Expo Center between the dates of 4-7 October.

In cooperation with Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) and Mersin Chamber of Shipping (MDTO), Forza Fuarcılık ve Organizasyon Hizmetleri A.Ş. The opening ceremony of the International Logistics and Transport Fair was attended by the Governor of Mersin Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Mayor of Mezitli Uğur Yıldırım, MTSO President Şerafettin Aşut, MDTO Secretary General Korer Özbenli, MIP Genle Manager John Phillips and representatives of the companies in the fair.

Speaking at the opening of the fair, Mersin Governor Güzeloğlu said that this fair will contribute to Mersin's national and international promotion and recognition. Mersin today not only in Turkey, the Middle East and international trade is a very important center and stressed that crossroads Güzeloğlu city's enriching it in coming to this point and magnifies sociable capital, in the past within the concept of businessmen and logistics of doing business since, and this also noted that there are concentration skills in the area. Both both in agriculture industries Mersin services and all areas, especially in logistics, not only in Turkey, the region and the valuation in the world and far beyond underlines that an ambitious urban Güzeloğlu, "International delegations, official and civilian teams Mersin often programs, Mersin in this direction to prepare for the process of preparing to take part in the future, '' he said.


Güzeloğlu also touched upon the previously mentioned Mersin 1 / 100.000 Environmental Layout Plan and stated that this plan is far from perceiving the size of Mersin and that the plan was stopped with the decision of the judiciary. Emphasizing that this was an important opportunity for Mersin, Güzeloğlu stated that they are in an effort to prepare them on a scale that prepares them for the future. logistics stating that it is not of this plan, criticizing Güzeloğlu, "Imagine an environmental plan, you get a city that teaches logistics to Turkey, get the name of Mersin and the logistics of Mersin's environmental plan because you have a concept. And in this plan, in the eyes of this city, public and civil dynamics are accepted. It is not possible to accept this. The fact that we call sustainability and what we call stability on the issue only becomes healthy and meaningful when it includes all these dimensions. When I asked the Environmental Plan in June for the 2011 and when I asked 'Where are the areas defined by the logistics zone', the disappointment of my response is how I am, I believe, creates the same degree of perception in all the dynamics of the city. We have to comprehend all the dynamics in national and international competition point, not only to demand, but to rationally and permanently. In today's 8-25, the competition in logistics, which takes place in the cost of a product between 3-5 and XNUMX-XNUMX. But if you do not provide the infrastructure to meet the demand, zoning plans, connection roads of the parcel, treatment systems, storage points, port integrations, planning and infrastructure will not be successful. With this look, we both manage Mersin and evaluate the logistics issue with this point of view Bu.

Chairman of MTSO Asut also pointed out that the world is experiencing great difficulties after the global crisis. indicating that the world's trade balance changes also changed the trade map of Aşut, "Our goal and our effort is to logistics base in Turkey and the Mediterranean basin in changing this map. Social and political problems in the Middle East and North Africa, economic difficulties in Europe, the US budget problems between Turkey, captures the political and economic stability has become a safe harbor. The developed railway, highway, growing port and large container project will make Mersin one of the rare cities with all modes of transport, although the foundation has not been laid yet.

Aşut, who was complaining about not having a logistics center in Mersin, said: lojistik Is it a logistics city without a logistics center? Logistics is one of the backbone sectors especially for Mersin. Logistics is a complex system that requires information and planning, not just to increase the number of trucks or to have a large port. Logistics creates added value and multiplier effect with a center that will provide them. Otherwise, the sector loses water in the mortar and the city loses. The eyes of the world are the logistic advantages of Mersin and Mersin. As long as we are allowed to complete our deficiencies, the bureaucracy in front of our projects should be abolished, and the state should stand for its own objectives. Yeter

On the other hand, MTSO, MDTO, Logistics Association (LODER) and International Logistics Center 2 organized by Mersin Logistics Platform. The results of the Logistics Project Competition were announced. In order to contribute to the development of the logistics sector, Omsan Lojistik received the first prize in the ms Corporate Project in category with the ms My Car On Vacation O project. Mersin Governor Güzeloğlu, MTSO President Aşut, Mersin Logistics Platform President Jozef Atat and President of LODER Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş'ın hand from the hands of Omsan Deputy General Director Arıburnu, 'My Car on Vacation' gave information about the project. In the logistics sector, Arıburnu said that they are proud of being able to implement this project and said that they provided the transportation of vehicles from Istanbul to Bodrum, İzmir, Antalya and Dalaman in May-November. Thus, Arıburnu said that they had saved people from long hires and high car rental in holiday areas and added that they provided customer satisfaction on 95.

After the speeches, Mr. Güzeloğlu and his entourage cut the ribbon and opened the fair. Güzeloğlu visited the stands in the fair one by one and closely followed the company officials.

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