Marmaray project will be integrated into rail systems at 10 point

Istanbul Transportation General Manager Ömer Yıldız said that the Marmaray Project will be integrated in the rail systems at 10 points in Istanbul.

Istanbul Transport General Manager Ömer Yıldız, who participated in the 2023st International Rail Systems Engineering Workshop organized by Karabuk University, made a presentation called Rail Systems in Urban Transport and the Istanbul Example. Yıldız talked about Istanbul transportation data and organizations, the existing rail system in Istanbul, the establishment, operation structure, activities, vehicle fleet, workshops, R&D, and localization activities of Istanbul transportation. Stating that the completion of the 640-kilometer rail system line in 10, Yıldız will integrate the Marmaray Project rail systems in 2014 points in Istanbul. In 66, the use of road transport will decrease to 34 percent while the use of rail systems will increase to 2018 percent. This growth until 318 is planned to reach 18 kilometers. The mass production of 2013 new tram cars designed by the domestic tram vehicle project Istanbul Transportation will be completed by the end of XNUMX. We are in second place after İSKİ in electricity use. We want to have a Rail Systems certificate program with Karabuk University in our academic training activities. ”

TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı also made a presentation titled Locomotive Production Industry from Past to Present, and said that the first Turkish car, Devrim, was built in its own factories and is still in operation.

Explaining that they produce diesel engines, bogies and traction engines in their factories, Avcı said: “We are a 100-year-old company and we are the first and only company in our country that produces and certifies. In welding education, we compete with the world. TÜLOMSAŞ continues its activities in accordance with 6 main product concepts. We produced around 700 wagons and our first locomotive was exhibited at an international fair in Berlin. Opinions were received from Germany in the modernization of trams, and our relations, which were limited to 2002 countries until 5, increased to 2012 projects in 20 countries in 35. As of today, we are in the world market with 15 products. Our vision is planned with the world and our projects until 2023 ”.

Avcı spoke to the students and said, "We are with you to make internships for the students who read the entire rail system."

KARDEMİR A.Ş. General Manager Fadıl Demirel made a presentation called KARDEMİR and Ray Üretim. Stating that KARDEMİR is taking firm steps towards becoming a global player in rail production, Demirel said:

"Before mentioning the projects which will be held in the seminar I attended the seminar everyone's talking about his projects I'm currently involved in this is an honor to win for Turkey. 2011 in the world and we rank 10th in queue 8 this year, Turkey is 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe. We have the highest growth rate in crude steel production with a 2011 percent growth in 17. In 2002, Turkey in 16 was 2012 thousand tons of crude steel production has had a production of 32 thousand tons. KARDEMİR is the only rail manufacturer that can meet the entire rail production of our country and also exports. At the same time, we are the only factory in many countries and the long product is the only factory in our country based on ore. We want to be the production center in rail systems. In addition to rail production, we want to have a say in the production of wagons and wheels. KARDEMİR is taking firm steps towards becoming a global player in rail production. ”

OSTİM Foundation Board Member Assoc. Dr. Çelikdog Sadat, the automotive market of the words shared by noting that foreign firms continued: "There is no domestic brands in Turkey in the Turkish automotive industry. Products Power Pack exports 80 percent from outside. The automotive market has been shared by foreign companies. In the 324 Ankara subway vehicles tender, 51 percent of the local contribution requirement was introduced. The EU, the USA and the world only grant production permission to foreigners with a 50 percent domestic contribution rate (OFFSET). RTE Tram is the first pioneer and support company in production. When it is domestic production, it can be applied by seeing the innovations when desired, but when you buy in foreign production, the product remains that way and you cannot advance it, you cannot keep up with the innovations. Companies working in this sector should be supported and supported with these companies for needs in 2013-2014-2015 and beyond. ”


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