The insurance of the Marmaray project is a first in the history of world insurance!

Marsh Risk Consulting and Insurance Brokerage company's CEO Mert Yücesan Turkey, noting that passed through Marsh 500 million dollars of insurance premiums in Turkey, said that the insurance of the Marmaray project also made by them. Yücesan eler Some projects in the world have been proven. For example, building constructions. What you will do as an insurer is clear. But Marmaray was built as an immersed tunnel and the first time in the world so close to the fault line. You make the Channel Tunnel by piercing the rock so that a simple method remains next to Marmaray. There was concern that insurance companies would get insurance. We have consulted the President of the World Tunneling Society on how to make the project safer with the measures to be taken. Then we got this accepted by the reinsurance companies. Ardından

Yücesan Marmaray or giant industrial organizations in Turkey, airlines and energy companies, earthquakes, including the risk of not only a company by the insurance wholesalers reinsurance companies, defined as, perhaps, he said a common pools collateralized including 20-30 company.

Oliver Wyman's Leader Turkey Seha İşmen Free, "capital flows in our region, especially in the financial sector is drawn back to Europe and America to open the place to Turkish banks and financial institutions," he said. It was very awesome of human resources in Turkey and Eastern Europe, and even said that Russia even in the absence of a similar human talent like that of Turkey also noted that free their companies from abroad to the elements they are also trained in continuous bid came in the Middle East. Ozgur, 30 Turkish employees Oliver Wyman'ın said that the various offices exported to the world and some of them were transferred as senior managers noted.

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