Becky Anderson, who came for Marmaray, said Istanbul is the coolest city I have ever seen

Becky Anderson of CNN International's major programmer, came to Turkey to investigate the Marmaray project, also located in the Straits and the international agenda Press

Becky Anderson, who started her career as an economy journalist with the advice of 'Watch the money, there is the answer to her questions', says, 'It was the first time I came to Istanbul, the coolest city I have visited'
Becky Anderson, one of the most popular programmers of CNN International, has come to Istanbul.
The world's most important transportation centers visited by the program 'The Gateway' famous programmers coming to, Turkey will make shooting lasted three days ... Marmaray tunnel of all browsing Anderson, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim and did interviews with some officials.
Apart from 'The Gateway', one of CNN International's most popular programmers, Becky Anderson also presents 'Connect The World', where she has interviews with important politicians, leaders and popular names of the world. In this context, we talked with Becky Anderson, who has made important interviews with various names ranging from Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai to Lady Gaga.

- Bosphorus is our pride with its world-famous beauty, but the stars that come to our country can look through the window of the hotel where they stay and say 'A beautiful river'. When did you start to wonder about the Bosphorus?
At The Gateway, we analyze behind the scenes of the busiest and most important transportation hubs in the world. And we visit here. The world is curious about the Marmaray Project. Istanbul, not only for Turkey, but also has great importance for the global economy. This is my first time in Istanbul and I was amazed.

Unfortunately, the Dardanelles and the Straits of Istanbul are the routes where the oil and LNG tankers pass heavily; Will the dangers of this energy traffic be the subjects of your news?
I am very curious about this subject, actually. We even interviewed the Minister of Transport for part of our program. I asked this question to him. We will watch the answers all together. The program will air on November 22.

In the meantime, will you talk about the Dardanelles? Do you have any idea about it?
In fact, we focused on the Bosphorus only within the scope of the program.

- It is on our agenda to build a channel opening from the Black Sea to Marmara to ease the traffic of the Bosphorus. Do you think this is an exciting project?
This is absolutely exciting. Very very interesting project. We talked with the Minister of Transport. I have to say that you will watch the details again (laughs).
n Marmaray is one of the biggest tube passages in the world, you know most of these structures and some of them have visited. How did you find our Marmaray?
I found it absolutely extraordinary. It is not just the narrowest built tube passage. It is also located on one of the busiest waterways in the world. Also ancient Byzantine port of the workers is also a plus that they brought more to discover Turkey's rich history.

- always a classic questions discussed in Turkey I want to ask you. What do you think about the geopolitical position of Turkey?
Today one can oppose the global economic and political importance of Turkey. It is of vital importance due to its geographical location. It is also a very, very important player in terms of security and balance of the region.

- You offer two programs at once, I know you have a busy schedule here too. Were you able to visit Istanbul?
I have been in Istanbul for 24 hours yet. But I was amazed by the energy of the city. I must say it is one of the coolest cities I have visited.

"I hope my success is based on what I know, not on what I wear."
- In a very important channel, you are preparing news. In the comments made about you, it is prominent that you master the subjects in depth. Can you spare time for yourself?
First of all, I care a lot about my business. It is very important to establish work-life balance. It's an old cliché, but I think it's still valid. Once we've built this balance, it's all right.

- You started your career with economy journalism, what was the reason for the change?
Someone said to me: 'Watch the money!' You will find the answer you are looking for. Trade and finance are the source of any international news story. My roots in economic journalism help me ask the right question in any story.

Does being on the screen, being a beautiful woman, put pressure on staying like this?
You are very kind. Thank you. I hope my performance is based on what I know, not what I wear.

- a built-in rules about being beautiful on women anchorman in Turkey ...
In 2012, women made great progress. Of course, it would not be true to say that women always have equal rights. But now they are much better than in the past. Actually I did not watch television in Turkey yet. I will definitely spend more time in my next development.

'I am an ex Galatasaray'
- You were a fan of Tottenham. The British team is also very popular among Turks in England and has the most fans… Do you have any idea about Turkish football?
If I say I was a fan of Galatasaray in the past, do you think half of those who read this conversation get angry? There is a very dense Turkish population in North London. They also usually support Tottenham.

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