Disabled ramp was built in the suburban underpass in Mamak

Mamak Municipality designs infrastructure works such as parks, gardens, avenues and streets in such a way that disabled citizens can move easily. Mamak Municipality, which has been revised in previous infrastructure works, is reorganizing it in a way that disabled people can move easily within the boundaries of the district. Finally, Mamak Municipality; He built a disabled ramp to the suburban underpass connecting Mamak Street and Çağlayan District.

Mesut Akgül, Mayor of Mamak, said, “We want all residents of Mamak to benefit without any problems and unlimitedly in the new investments we realize. We primarily consider our disabled citizens and disabled brothers and sisters in all new infrastructure, environment and development works. In fact, every healthy citizen is a candidate for the disabled. When considered in this sense, the importance of every work done for the disabled is understood a little better. The underpass connecting Mamak Street to Çağlayan Quarter is frequently preferred by all citizens. In a previous study, we removed one more obstacle with the necessary revision. " said.

The disabled ramp built on the Mamak suburban underpass, which is used extensively by the citizens during the day, will provide great convenience to the disabled citizens who have a job in the district governorship, the municipality and the 75. Yıl Oral and Dental Health Center. Mamak Municipality, which has designed multi-purpose marketplaces with ramps and elevators for the use of disabled citizens, aims to make the lives of disabled citizens much easier by removing all obstacles within the boundaries of the district.

Source : I www.stargundem.co

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