Malatya Municipality Rail System Project on Trip to Europe

📩 09/10/2012 10:54

Mayor Ahmet Çakır, who visited the European city last week along with a technical delegation from Malatya Municipality, to get information about the most suitable public transportation systems for Malatya; made comments about the review trip.

Mayor Ahmet Cakir said in a statement:

“One of the major problems of our cities is public transportation. Public transportation is an important problem for municipalities, especially in our country, as in the whole world. The basis for this is that diesels are expensive and fuel prices are high, bringing a huge burden to municipalities in public transport. On this occasion, we entered into a study on how we should solve public transportation in Malatya by planning the long-term future.

Whether it is light rail used for public transport for years, bus systems or natural gas, we have been working extensively on all of these, whether they are employees of electric / battery powered systems. In the last week, we conducted observations with our technical friends in Lyon, Düsseldorf, Soringen and Zurich. We have examined them from maintenance shops to their warehouses, from their operation system, ticket prices to all the details.

I believe the trip was extremely useful. We found answers to many questions in our minds. Therefore, the steps we will take to implement the future in Malatya, I hope that the future of the future of Malatya in public transportation also taking into account the point we aim at our work continues.

In short, as a result of this study, we will share our decisions, the systems we will implement through our media, as well as with all our non-governmental organizations, the public, we will share with our citizens.

Our main goal is to make Malatya an exemplary province in every field. With the work we have done; We are planning to implement a project that will contribute to the development, development of Malatya and make it a smooth city and add value to the development of the city ”.

Source: MalatyaHaber

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