Tramway Turning Konya's Snake Story

As everyone knows, one of the problems that turns into Konya's snake story is the trams. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that transportation with trams is now suffering. Trams are saunas in summer, cold storage in winter. Also, the accidents on the tram line ...

Two days ago, a new one was added to these accidents. The crane of a new shopping center built in Bright Houses broke the cables and the tram line could not be powered for 3 hours. The nation was carried by buses for hours. Buses, on the other hand, were packed. Like stacking fish, they hoarded citizens on buses. It was a complete disgrace. In Konya, the brand city, such situations are common now. Building a shopping center at the bottom of the tramway is another matter of discussion.

On the other hand, our municipality had an air conditioner installed on a tram, taking into account the reactions of the citizens. If you travel by this tram, you are very lucky. It blows softly inside. But he hasn't come across me yet. Our graphic designer Abidin Kurt and our editor Hasan Ayhan are two lucky names I know. They are two of the lucky passengers traveling by air-conditioned trams. I would like to thank the successful managers of our municipality who brought our air-conditioned tram to our city. Although the summer is over, installing an air conditioner is a pleasing development.

Our Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek explains that new trams will come to Konya next year at every neighborhood meeting he goes to. We are also looking forward to it. Tender will be held for new trams on 17 October. The municipality's A team had gone to Germany to check the tram. By the way, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is already producing its own tram. The president, who promised the subway 8 years ago, cannot even bring the tram. 8 years lost for Konya. AKP friends are very angry with these criticisms, but their salt is dry. Most of them are already commuting with cars. He knows how to cry while they are reading the Prime Minister poetry.

After all this tram talk, I want to write a few more city-related topics. An environmental arrangement is being made in front of the Mevlana Tomb. The day before, I took my soldier friend Esat Altundağ and his wife from Istanbul to the Mevlana Tomb. Even my guests could not understand the removal of the green cover and trees in front of the Sultan Selim Mosque and Mevlana Tomb. Even yesterday, Serdar Işık, the President of the Chamber of Architects, reacted to this arrangement. Nowhere in the world is the green cover removed. Now they will pave the places of those beautiful roses, pine trees and grass with stones. What can I say? ”Our big-sized ones know better.

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