Automobile Crashed from Bridge to Tramway in Konya

2 people were injured in the accident where the car fell from the bridge to the tramway in Konya.

The car with 56 AUP 42 plate under the direction of Kemal Ekenler (99), which was going from the bus station to the city center, fell on the tramway from a height of 1,5 meters at the Selçuklu Köprülü Junction of the Istanbul Road, as a result of the driver losing control of the steering wheel.

Melahat and Kezban Ekenler, who are in the vehicle with the driver, were removed from the car by those in the vicinity. At the last moment, the accident of the tram that prevented a second accident prevented.

Melahat and her daughter Kezban Ekenler, who were injured in the accident, were taken to Konya Numune Hospital after the first intervention at the scene. Driver Kemal Ekenler survived the accident with minor abrasions.

The trolley road, which was closed for about half an hour, was reopened with the withdrawal of the car.

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