Kocaoglu Answered Questions Related to the Rail System

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Aziz Kocaoğlu, Mayor of İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality, made striking statements about the rail system projects that he most important in İzmir transportation. Stating that they are waiting for approval from DPT for the tram project they will make with credit, and the first two stations in the subway are delayed due to the scissors problem, Kocaoğlu said, “About the money spent on the suburban line with the Ak Parti, we KarşıyakaWe are talking about the expenses after the foundation date. 50 percent of the line is not mine! I am a tenant, ”he said.

Aziz Kocaoglu, urban transportation subway, suburban and tramway answered the questions of press members about the investments. Kocaoglu, 2012 is expected to open in the year, yet it can not be done Izmirspor and Hatay stations can not be opened due to the problem of scissors on the rails explained. Both stations and tunnels have been completed, the rails have been laid, and even the wagons of the trial campaign, indicating that Kocaoglu, but the normal wagons needed to make a change in the rail ahead of the scissors that enable them to change this line did not take over, he said. Kocaoglu, the ongoing work for the subway did not work.


Stating that we should not look for anything behind the delay of the Metro, working under the apartments and residences, Kocaoğlu said that a solution has been sought for the fifth exit in Göztepe for five months. Kocaoğlu said, “The project manager is coming, he / she is looking, he / she sees it stranded, the application method is renewed. It is perfectly correct to be meticulous in order for it to be completed without any accident, to avoid accidents due to negligence or idle courage. 'Lets hurry up. It is wrong to say 'hit and break'. There is a saying that it is late or not difficult. It is also very important that there is no loss of life and property. "Every mayor makes an effort to finish the project he has made as soon as possible, follows the work, but in the end, it is necessary to go cautiously by using the opportunities and time provided by technology."


President Kocaoğlu asked whether the problems they encountered in the construction of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line since 2005 could be overcome with a more robust team and company, “There were problems that emerged as the digger was hit. If I had the authority to award the tender to Ahmet to Hasan, we could have worked with a more robust team. But there is no such authority. Of course we could have worked with a more robust team. Also, the elasticity of the private sector does not exist in the municipality. You come to such a place that you do business with us, you sacrifice a certain amount of money and say 'walk brother'. There is no such thing here. You are wasting the money of the state and the city. He has rules. Even the liquidation of the first two contractors who could not complete the subway construction took 1,5 years. If it was a private sector, I would liquidate it in 10 minutes. I do the project for 100 liras instead of 102 liras. We are people who have done all of these in our own work. In the end, your money will be disgraced rather than disgraced. You spend ten percent more, but you finish the project. But this is not the case in a public institution, ”he said.


Mayor Kocaoğlu made a striking statement about the polemic "Who spent more money", which started after TCDD's response from the Ak Party, after the announcement of 650 million TL to the Aliağa-Menderes suburban line, that they spent 78 percent of the cost. Stating that the ministries will come on the days when the municipalities will record the money they spend and talk, Kocaoğlu said that the account issued by TCDD is an account for 150 years. Kocaoğlu said, “The property, that is the line, belongs to TCDD. In a sense, we are tenants. We have done joint business with TCDD. We got fifty percent of the company running the line. We have transferred all the rest of our investments to TCDD. We have nothing there! We KarşıyakaWe are talking about the money spent after laying the first foundation. I do not know TCDD's account. I just said that I spent this much money on this project according to the municipal records. I don't know the rest. Sir, the French have spent this much money on the same project, the British have spent this much. Then Mustafa Kemal nationalized it, and this happened during the Ecevit period. These are separate things. If they say to me, 'You owned everything fifty percent of this line,' their calculation would be correct. There is no such thing. I'm running a line. He is the boss of the line. TCDD is the sole owner. You should also look like this. It is not even right to talk about these politically, ”he said.


Explaining that they are waiting for the approval of the State Planning Organization to be included in the investment program on the Üçkuyular-Halkapınar tram line, Kocaoğlu said that they will then receive a loan bail permit from the Treasury. Kocaoğlu said, “Our loan negotiations have been concluded. As soon as the approval of the DPT is issued, we will get the permission within two months and we will come back to use the loan ”. Stating that they will build the tram with credit, not equity, in terms of financing balances and priority, Kocaoğlu said, “We cannot risk the structure we built with our nails for 6 years to start the tram 1 months or 8.5 year ago. Our municipal budget and payment discipline are running smoothly. If we build the tram with a loan, the difference between the buses running on this line and the money we will spend on the tram, that is, the operating expenses, pays both our loan interest and our loan. Then it is right to borrow money here ”.


Aziz Kocağlu stated that until the new wagons to be purchased by İZBAN A.Ş. are built, TCDD will rent 5 series of wagons to be used in Marmaray. Stating that they aim to reduce the service interval from every 12 minutes to 6 minutes when the wagons arrive, Kocaoğlu said that the number of passengers will increase even more. Inter-institutional negotiations are continuing on the termination of TCDD's regional trains before entering the city center, which is necessary to reduce the voyage interval, and the passengers to continue their travels on the İZBAN line.

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