Ground Investigation for High Speed ​​Train in Kocaeli

high-speed train schedules 2019
high-speed train schedules 2019

Ground Survey for High Speed ​​Train in Kocaeli: Ground survey studies started with three separate construction sites established in the previous days on the route where YHT will pass. YHT voyages will begin with the completion of the ground survey and the installation of new rails.

TCDD accelerated its work for the High Speed ​​Train. On the previous day, 3 separate construction site was established for the ground survey studies of Halkevi, Köseköy and Maşukiye. Works on drilling and ground surveys are carried out along the road at the construction site where the rails are removed. Where the ground study is completed, it quickly shuts down with gravel.


Izmit-Köseköy direction of the main arteries, except under the bridge under the passages and works will continue uninterrupted. In particular, it was learned that the train would be strengthened in order to prevent any trauma during the temporary train. With the completion of the ground survey, the second stage will be passed. YHT flights will start with the installation of new rails.

Source: Özgür Kocaeli



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