This happened before the Metro in Izmir was opened!

The debates on the 'metro scandal', which has been the focus of discussions in Izmir for a long time, are endless. The Military Hospital and Nokta stations, which are stated to be ready by the authorities and are waiting for the day to be opened, amaze those who see the deplorable state. The abandoned state of both stations, which is reflected in our lenses, clearly summarizes the point where the local administration approach in Izmir has reached.

There is no precaution at the entrance of the stations and anyone who wishes can easily move up to the tunnel entrance which is closed with shutters. While there are easy access to the escalators and the entrance of the tunnel, neither any measures nor any warning signs can be found. Again, no cameras were installed around the station or in the entrance, even the camera was not installed for security.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to infuriate the citizens with this stray, unattended and devastated metro project, which has cost millions of dollars of investment. According to the shopkeepers, it has been about a month since he complained about the situation. However, they could not make their voices heard. They conveyed the same situation to the officials who came to inspect the stations about two weeks ago, but again no work was done.

The station walls were painted in spray paint by unidentified persons. The windows of the elevator, which will serve the disabled people, were shattered without thought. According to tradesmen, the exterior panels of the elevators were stolen by scrap dealers. As if this were not enough, the garbage, dirt and drink bottles accumulated in the stairwells of the station reveal the pollution.

The main question mark in mind is the fact that the municipality does not show the same care to protect it. What will happen after the opening, when the metro, which was left unattended and left untouched without being taken precaution? Who and when will the subway stations, the stopover point for drunks and nightmakers?

Source: Newspaper Yenigün


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