Who did İZBAN?

İZBAN is a project prepared by the late President Ahmet Piriştina during the period when the DSP was in power and laying the foundations of TCDD-Municipality cooperation. President Kocaoglu who succeeded him and AK Party, which took power after DSP, continued to develop this cooperation.
As a result, IZBAN, which started its first flights in August of the year 2010, has become an important organization that has the potential to increase the capacity to 160 thousand and serve the 500 thousand İzmiris in the day.
They opened it together.
Local government, central government due to TCDD as the first project implemented in collaboration with the well-established organizations izban to be an example to Turkey was also carried out successfully. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu opened the service together was one of the first ever unseen.
But this cooperation, the middle of friendship, politics, and accounts for a year later local elections, like a black cat is sitting and sitting. Kılıçdaroğlu and Erdogan, the metropolitan cities in the big cities and the cost of the debate began over the cost of accounts inevitably put the focus of Izmir.
CHP side, İZBAN'da 50 common TCDD'nın already contributing to the existing railway is not more than the allocation, the Metropolitan, on the line, parade, station, tunnel, all the construction work, such as the party defending the project was defended.
The AK Party, in turn, was a balance sheet created by the Ministry of Transport and TCDD. AK Party Izmir Provincial Chairman Omer Cihat Akay, Ben TV's Hamdi Turkmen last week, Erol Yaras and Osman Gencer prepared by the Three Journalists in a guest program clues on the details of the balance sheet of İZBAN investments received in my hands.
The share of TCDD
First, let us say that the table presented by TCDD is not what the CHP and the Metropolitan side say.
According to the table you can see the details on the first page of our newspaper, almost all of the investments made by İZBAN are written to the TCDD account.
TCDD has calculated the total investment for IZBAN as 2 billion 317 million dollars. Approximately 1 billion dollars of this amount of money out of its own safe deposit box as part of the million dollars. In other words, TCDD says ”I did 800% of the job Yani.
Within this investment, there are works for the removal of the infrastructure of the 79-kilometer suburban route, the establishment of electrification, signalization and communication facilities, the elimination of the infrastructure deficiencies and the protection of the line.
The roads of some stations, the expropriation cost in the warehouse area in Çiğli, and the works for reinforcing the electrical system are also included. TCDD also added investments to extend the line to Torbali.

How much is the city's contribution?

According to the protocol signed seven years ago, the construction of 25 stations and level crossings, pedestrian and vehicle underpasses on the route, Karşıyaka and Şirinyer tunnels and Çiğli and Cumaovası vehicle maintenance and repair facilities. According to the balance sheet issued by TCDD, the amount of these works is 338 million dollars.
If we look at its share in total investment; only 14 percent…
In addition to these, İZBAN A.Ş. There are also investments made by. 33 million dollars for the supply of equipment to the Çiğli and Cumaovası warehouses with the supply of 189 pieces of train sets.
Its share in the entire investment is only 8 percent.
Let me state that the metropolitan side has some points that I think will confuse and confuse me. First of all, the valuation of 1 billion 317 million dollars for the existing railway line will be discussed.
. I was doing freight transportation on this line. 158 lost a million dollars of revenue, ına he added, adding that the cost account will be odd by some.
Let's see what the Metropolitan Municipality will say to this account.

Source : www.milliyet



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